How to remove write protection

In our daily life very often happensuse various media that we use to store movies, photos, various documents, programs and other things. So it's easy to take a USB flash drive with you to visit, to work, to any other place, which is very convenient, fast and profitable. However, we may encounter a problem if the device has ceased to function. In this situation, the question arises, how to remove the write protection? Let's understand.

How to remove write protection

Sometimes it happens that we write tothe media is just one file, and then it stops formatting, and also takes any other information. In the message, it may be recommended to remove the write protection from the USB flash drive, or that the information can not be copied.

Everything looks like this: a file that has already been recorded can not be deleted, and new ones are not recorded at all. The first thing you can do is close all windows and applications, and then delete this file through the command line. In case this method does not help you, you should do otherwise. Sometimes on the body of the flash drive you can find a small regulator, which can be rotated to enable or remove protection. If you look at it, and you realize that it is in the write lock position, you must switch it to the opposite position. Now you can try to implement the process again.

In addition, you can drive your flash drive throughantivirus program. In this case, you can use any antivirus, perform an in-depth scan. After the process is completed, you can see the detected suspicious objects, as well as the program proposals for their removal. If a malicious object was present on the device, the antivirus will automatically place it in quarantine, and you will only have to remove it. After that, you can try again to write something on the USB flash drive. If this did not help in deciding how to remove write protection, you can use the popular Repair utility. This usually works well, but it should be used only when it is really necessary. After using it, you must first format it, and then try again to upload the files.

How else to remove the write protection on the USB flash drive

The reason for the inability to write data to an external storage device is sometimes some viruses. Antivirus can not cope with this problem until the protection from the flash drive is removed.

In general, you need the following softwareProviding: HP USB Format and JetFlash Recovery Tool. For starters, you can try to format the device in the traditional way. It should not be fast, it is better to make a full formatting, which will also change the file system if it is required. If the application was unable to perform the operation, it is worth changing the owner of this device. Do this as follows: you need to open the properties of the flash drive, go to the security settings and select additional settings. In the "Owner" tab, select "Edit", then select the account that you are currently using and apply it. After that, you can try again to format it.

If you have not been able to do this throughyou can install the HP USB Format Storage application. Run the program. In the Device field, select the required flash drive. In the File System menu, you must select a file system that is not currently in use. Formatting should not be fast, so you need to uncheck Quick Format. Click Start. If this utility does not cope with the task, JetFlash Recovery Tool can help you. It is designed to restore the original media parameters. Start the application, select the USB flash drive and click Start. When the procedure is completed, you can remove the device in a safe way, reconnect it and check for availability.

This is all about the issue, how to remove the write protection.

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