HDDScan v 3.3 - the program for testing the hard drive

You can often hear that the heart of the computer is the processor. With this it is difficult not to agree. The processor will be out of order, and the life of the PC will stop.

A hard drive is also a very important partfull-fledged work of technology. By analogy with the heart-processor, it can be called a head. Its functioning is influenced by factors from outside, and the state of the board, mechanical elements. To avoid losing data, you need to check hard drives from time to time.

hard disk checker
You can name a lot of different developments, butThe most optimal program remains to test the hard drive HDDScan v 3.3. It does not require installation, it can please the interface in Russian and is compatible with the latest software. In addition, it has several test modes: test for speed, for bad sectors, for temperature monitoring mode.
The program for checking the hard disk startsvery easy. At the start, a list appears listing the hard disks from which you are asked to select the test drive. Checks start with pressing the "Smart" button.

Mainly it is recommended to pay attentionon the color of the circles next to the parameters of the disk. They should appear in the upper left corner. If the first three of them are green, then everything is in order, the disk's performance is satisfactory. And if they are yellow or, worse, red, then this parameter is on the verge of functioning, there is a very high probability of disk failure and loss of data stored on it.

program to test the hard drive for broken sectors
To see what caused the emergency, you need to click "Identity Info", view all the data about the disk and compare them with the parameters from the manufacturer.

Now you can check the disk, in thiswill help the program to test the hard drive for broken sectors. With it, select the "Testing" menu and turn on the "Random Read or Check" mode. Important: It must be remembered that when testing in the "Erase" mode, all data will be destroyed, so you need to select the modes very carefully.

Program for checking hard disk for errorshas a function such as Add Test. Running it, the corresponding line appears in the test manager. To find out the results of the test, just click on it with a mouse twice. All information about the disk will be presented in the form of tables and graphs.

Large dips in graphs or colorsquares warn of damaged sectors, which have an understated access speed. When the threshold of time deceleration is reached, they are replaced by reserve ones, but the reserve limit is also not at all infinite, and then the data recorded on the disk is lost.

A big plus is that the program to checkThe hard disk gives a voluminous information about its state. Especially should be alerted, if during the test as a result you are shown a map, pretty often dotted with colored squares. This signals that you need to take urgent measures and copy important data, otherwise you will need a program to restore the disks later.

In addition, the hard disk checker monitors the temperature. You can also conduct an offline test, the results of which will appear in your window.

And finally, some more little tips that will help you in the process of checking disks.

program to check hard disk for errors
First, starting to test and launchingprogram, make backup copies of all data in case of emergency. Secondly, be sure to turn off the Internet, antivirus, in general all the programs running on your PC.
Thirdly, if the device does not have any errors in the diskdid not show, but your computer still refuses to work in normal mode, so it's not in the disk, but, quite possibly, in the RAM. There is another option: the power of your power supply is not enough to ensure the full operation of all connected devices. It is recommended to check also the drivers.

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