Skyrim: weapons. The best weapon in the game Skyrim

Skyrim - multiplayer open gamethe world, which participants have become more than 10 million players all over the world. The main events in the fictional world are connected with the return of the dragon Alduin, who is opposed to the Dragonborn. The task of gamers is to help cope with the threat of destruction hanging over the world of Skyrim. The weapon is undoubtedly the main means of fighting the enemy. Success in the game is provided only to those fighters who managed to acquire if not the best, then very good in their qualities and characteristics of the specimens.

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Where and how to obtain weapons?

The new players have a question about where to get moreor less worthy weapons, arises at the very beginning of the development of the game world Skyrim. Weapons, two-handed, one-handed or small, can either be crafted with blacksmithing, or as a reward for completing tasks. In the latter case, players will have a chance to get unique in their characteristics knives, axes, swords, sticks and much more. True, they will not improve. Daedric weapons, on the other hand, have weaker characteristics, but can be improved. Also, there is another way to acquire powerful items in Skyrim - the fashion for weapons. Each of these methods should be discussed in more detail.

Manufacture and improvement of Daedric weapons

So, if the player intends to independentlymake and improve suitable for him in all respects items of equipment, then he can not do without mastering blacksmithing, enchantment and alchemy. At the same time, all professions are important to pump at least to level 90. Only in this case the player will be able to create high quality items and apply more powerful improvements to them.

For example, with the 2nd level of skill in blacksmithingThe player will be able to make a steel sword, the base damage of which is only 7 units. But the dragon bone blade, made at the maximum level, deals damage of 15 units, and this without any improvement and enchantment.

skyrim fashion for weapons

By the way, every subsequent improvement forweapons Skyrim can be done only in a certain place and after the passage of the quest. A Daedric weapon is produced in the forge of Atronachs, and it only improves after receiving the "Daedric Armor" bonus. To improve weapons in Skyrim is possible only with the help of certain materials: stones, firewood, strips of leather, various ingots and sharpening.

Unique weapon

Those players who do not really like to spendtime for crafting and improving items of equipment, weapons with special bonuses will be more suitable. As mentioned above, it can be obtained in different Skyrim locations. The best weapon for beginning players is the sword "Ghostblade", which can be picked up from the last boss of Ansiwond. The main advantage of this blade, especially if you take two copies at once, is a complete disregard for your opponent's armor. In Volundrude you can find a good set from the ax of Okin and the sword of Eduzh. They also help novice players to cope with strong rivals.

More pumped players will like the Voutrad axor the Razor Merunesa's dagger, whose owner has a 5% chance to instantly kill his opponent. In the fight against a powerful opponent, the staff of Rosa Sangvin can also help, with the help of which it is possible to summon a helper-a daedric being for a minute and a half. If the player has the intention to seriously fight the dragons, then without the blade of the "Beach of Dragons", giving a bonus of +25 to damage to these creatures.

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In short, to take possession of weapons with suchamazing bonuses and superimposed on them enchantments, it is necessary to work hard: to run in search of artifacts in many locations, to battle with hundreds of mobs and to execute not one dozen assignments.

Fashion on the weapon in Skyrim

Another common way to get a good lookequipped fighter in the world of Skyrim - fashion for weapons. With the help of special modifications installed in the game, you can not only change the appearance of any kind of weapons, but also significantly expand its arsenal. The most large-scale mod is Lore Weapon Expansion. With it, you can add to the arsenal of 33 weapons from the previous game series. Some items can be bought from merchants, some will have to be knocked out by mobs, and some - made by yourself with the help of blacksmithing. Other modes are designed to add to the arsenal of specific weapons: shields, blades, swords, axes, magic staffs and crossbows.

skyrim the best weapon

What weapons are the best in Skyrim?

Most gamers make up sets ofmaximally complementary items. In addition, an important moment in the selection of combat equipment is playing a character's game in Skyrim. Two-handed weapons are a good option, if you take, for example, daggers in both hands. One-handed weapons in the form of swords and axes are preferred by many players, since with an optimal level of damage, the speed indicators are also great.

What is considered the most powerful and killer in Skyrim? Weapons of any type, obtained in one way or another, can only inflict basic damage. The improvement of this indicator depends, according to the authors of the game, on the skill of owning it. The more skill a player has, the greater the damage done by the weapon. A great role in this is played by the correctly chosen charms imposed on the object.

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