Passage of "Assassin Creed: Blood Brotherhood" - it will be interesting!

The third part of the famous ekshena tells aboutthe familiar assassin Ezio, who is already an adult man and the head of the Order of the Assassins. Now he and his order are fighting against the Borgia clan. For this, Ezio is sent to the great Rome.

Assassin Creed

Why wait?

Passage "Assassin Creed: Blood Brotherhood" will give the player more than 15 hours of life as an assassin.

In this game gamers are waiting for: the opportunity to buy a detachment of assassins and most train them, the opportunity to communicate with the great artists of the Renaissance. An interesting feature of the game is the introduction of a multi-user mode. Now you can choose your favorite character and play for him.


In the game "Assassin Creed: The passage of blood allows you to plunge into the medieval life of Rome and feel like a real assassin.The passage is not an easy one, but the time spent in the game will present real joy from a well-crafted, thoughtful to trifles, with an intriguing plot of the game that has no age limits and will be interesting to all fans of action.

So, we begin the passage of Assassin Creed: The Brotherhood of Blood.

The game begins with the scene of the conversation between Ezio and the goddessMinerva. Next, along with his uncle, the protagonist breaks into the streets of the city. You can travel through the roofs to get to the tower, on which you need to transfer the apple to Mario. Then we move towards Villa Auditor, which is stormed by the troops of Borgia. Your task is to minimize the loss of your strength. Mario dies, Ezio loses consciousness, trying to get to Rome. Do not forget that the passage of the game "Assassin Creed-3" assumes the presence of assistants, and then the character comes in the game Desmond. He needs to find 4 shields with electricity and activate them.

 Assassin Creed Brotherhood of Blood Passage

Then Ezio re-enters the game,unfamiliar house. In this part of the game, the hero must heal the wounds, punish the heartless executioner and meet Machiavelli. Then we buy weapons and armor in the smithy and go to look for Captain Borgia. First, we destroy his guards, then himself, throwing him onto the platform. Then we set the tower on fire. Now you have declared yourself, and this part of Rome no longer belongs to the Borgia clan!


Continue the passage of Assassin Creed: The Brotherhood of Blood "in the dungeon.There it will be necessary to unravel the riddle of the fountain and show miracles of dexterity, jumping on the beams and falling columns.It needs to be done in 8 minutes.When we meet again with Machiavelli, he shows us the base of the Assassins.

Passage of game Assassin Creed 3

In the next part of the game, the player's choice will be3 tasks are presented. Perform tasks in any sequence. But now the action takes place in Florence. Ezio liked the girl Christina, so he imperceptibly escorts her to the house where she is attacked. It is necessary to twist the robber's attacker and get a reward for this - a kiss.

Trying yourself as an Assassin Assassin, everyone will understand that the passage of Assassin Creed: The Brotherhood of Blood is really exciting and very addictive to the solution of its secrets.

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