Connecting two computers to a local network

A man who has just begun to comprehendan amazing world of computer technology, it may seem that the connection of two computers is used only in offices, and at home it is not necessary. But this is a delusion. It is difficult to indicate all the features and benefits that connects two computers.

Many people know that only a few dozen yearsback the computer was the size of a large hall, weighed several tons, and its price was colossal. Nobody could think of buying such a car for home use. Decrease in

connection of two computers
cost of computing devices has madescience fiction is a reality! Now the situation is very common when the family has several computers at once: the husband has a full-fledged personal system unit, the wife has a compact laptop, and the schoolchild's child has an electronic assistant for the Internet, games and abstracts. In this case, there is often a need to connect two computers to the network. After all, it allows you to exchange information without a disk and a flash drive. In addition, the connection of two computers is sometimes used to save on paying bills for the Internet - just connect the provider's cable to a router, hub or switch so that everyone can access the network at the same time.

Connection of two computers can be performedin several ways. The easiest is through Ethernet network cards. On the motherboard of each modern PC there is a RJ-45 connector (the card is disconnected on the main board). In form it resembles the usual connector for a telephone wire, only 1.5 times more. Two plugs are connected (twisted) to the twisted-pair cable conductors. One of

connecting two computers to a network
they are included in the RJ-45 of one computer, andthe other in the second slot. After that, it remains in the operating system settings to enable access to resources and scan the network environment in My Computer. The working group should be the same. If there are more than two computers, then you can use a splitter. In this case, the wires from them are included in a special device-switch, which distributes the data streams.

In addition to a wired solution, there are analogs,using as a carrier medium not copper conductors, but radio frequencies. This is the famous Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. Their advantages are obvious - just connect the devices to computers, adjust the parameters, and you can work.

connecting two computers via usb

The disadvantage is the additional source of radiation, which is already more than enough in the modern world. Each user decides for himself how best to connect computers to the network.

Also except for Ethernet (RJ-45) interface can be used COM and LPT ports

Frequently asked in the forums is whetherto connect two computers via usb. Yes it is possible. It is necessary to purchase a special USB Link cable in which the controller chip is mounted. Then connect the ports and use a special program to exchange data. Disadvantage: high cost, limitation of cable length, availability of more convenient alternatives (outdated solution), infrared and even modem connection.

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