Where in "Google Chrome" passwords are stored. View saved passwords in Google Chrome

Among the many web browsers, the leadingposition holds, according to polls, Google Chrome. And this despite the fact that other browsers are constantly improving, the developers introduce new distinctive "chips" in them.

But still for most users the choiceunambiguous - and this is Google Chrome. The main advantages of this web browser are high page loading speed, a lot of nice additions for the browser and, of course, an intuitive interface.

where passwords are stored in Google Chrome

However, not all users havesome of the finer points of Chrome's configuration. For example, there are "users" who do not know where in "Google Chrome" passwords are stored, how to look at them and extract them if necessary. And once there are such questions, it means that it is necessary to give answers to them, because often newcomers find it difficult to figure out themselves, even with seemingly obvious things. That's why we'll go further on how to find passwords in Google Chrome, where they are stored.

Why save passwords in the browser?

If the user is concerned about securitythe information stored on those or other resources, then, most likely, he knows about one very useful advice from experienced "users" of the Internet. The recommendation says that for each site you need to come up with a separate and preferably strong password. It's easy to guess why - if you are hacked, for example, in one of the social networks, then the same password is not suitable for other resources (webmoney, mail, own blog).

saved passwords in google chrome

However, there is a negative point here.All the invented passwords will need to be recorded somewhere, since it will be very difficult to remember them. You will need to have an excellent, if not phenomenal, memory.

That's why the browser offers you to savepasswords. By using this option, the next time you log in to the selected site, you do not need to re-enter the current password. But in this case there are also "minuses", and you will learn about them in the process of reading the article.

Where in "Google Chrome" are stored passwords from frequently visited sites

So, where do you still see the saved passwords in the Chrome browser? In fact, they can be found quite simply. To do this, you need to use the proposed algorithm of actions:

  • Start the web browser and open its menu by clicking on the button with three parallel bars (from the top, in the right corner).

  • Refer to "Settings", then scroll down the page and click "Show advanced settings".

  • Here you are interested in the "Passwords and forms" subsection. Check that the checkbox is set next to the option "Prompt to save passwords" and click "Configure".

where passwords are stored in Google Chrome

As a result of these simple actions, the Google Chrome password manager will open. In the left part you will see the names of the sites, in the middle - the logins, to the right - the secret character combinations.

As you can see, it's very easy to find saved passwords in Google Chrome. It is worth noting that some "users" just this and complain, because they worry about the safety of their confidential information.

How to view the password

So, you already know where the passwords are stored "GoogleChrome, "but instead of a set of characters you see the points behind which the combination of numbers and letters you are using is hidden.How can I see the password itself? After all, sometimes it needs to be extracted to be inserted into another browser.

In fact, it's very easy to do this.Move the cursor to the site, the password from which you want to see, and click the LMB on these same points. A small box appears and a Show button appears. Clicking on it, you will see the password from the site. It can be copied and pasted into any other web browser. In addition, if you do not want the Chrome password manager to retain this data, click on the cross on the right and the password disappears from the browser's memory.

learn passwords in google chrome

That's all! Now you have learned where in Google Chrome you store passwords, how to see and retrieve them for later use in another browser.

Helpful Tips

Before deciding whether to store passwords in a web browser, it is recommended that you familiarize yourself with the advice of experienced users:

  • For each site, create a uniquepassword. If an attacker gets to log in to your account, for example, in some game, then he will not be able to penetrate other services under your account, as the passwords will differ.

  • Do not store in the browser passwords from electronic wallets, mail and other sites on which you keep important information.

  • If you do not want to write passwords to notepad andthen spend time searching for them, use one of the applications, for example, LastPass. As a result, you will need to remember only one combination of symbols, and the input to your favorite sites will be done without entering a login and password.

Remember these recommendations so as not to be in an unpleasant situation.


So, now that you've found out where in "Google Chrome"passwords are stored, you have the opportunity to view them and extract them if necessary. If you wish, you can disable the option responsible for saving passwords. By the way, it is recommended to do this, for example, on a PC installed in the office, because your colleague can easily see and copy all your secret character combinations, if, of course, he is an experienced user.

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