How to remove a wall in a contact: several ways

To date, there are few people who do notfamiliar with social networks, most of them have been using them extensively for a long time. But Internet communication can not always replace real communication, although if a person is far away, this is one way to maintain any relationship. Currently, there are many popular social networks, but we will talk about one of them - the social network "VKontakte", as well as how to remove the wall in contact.

How to delete a wall in a contact

This network has great functionality, as well asEach user's page has a so-called "wall". With its help you can mark favorite records and add them to yourself, so as not to lose sight of. But there are situations when other people clog your "wall" with unnecessary messages, pictures and other nonsense. If you do not like it, and you want to learn how to remove a wall in a contact, see the following several ways:

  1. You can delete your own, as well as other people's recordsby yourself, just by clicking on the cross in the upper right corner of each entry. But if there are a lot of records, you will agree, it is too labor-intensive process. The creators of the social network "VKontakte" specially made in such a way that it was impossible to delete all records at once and completely. This was done so that if the user's page was hacked, the attacker could not delete the necessary information entirely. You, of course, can use this method if there are a small number of entries on the "wall", and also if you have enough time. An accidentally deleted record can always be recovered, just click on the word "restore" that appears after each deleted entry, but if you have already reloaded the page, you will not be able to restore the records.
    Delete the wall in the contact
  2. How to delete a wall in contact? With the second method, you do not have to delete your own or other people's records. You can change access to your content using the privacy feature. That is, you can prevent other users from leaving their records on your "wall", as well as denying access to photos, videos and audio recordings. To do this, select the "settings" column in the left menu and change the corresponding parameters.
  3. How to delete the entire wall in contact
    How to delete a wall in contact? The third way to remove all unnecessary records is a special program. But it only works in the Mozilla Firefox browser. First you need to download the necessary program and install it in the browser. After restarting the browser using the toolbar, you need to find the item "managing plug-ins". Then you find a special script to delete records from the wall in the contact, add it, and your wall is safely cleaned.
  4. The fourth way to remove a wall in the contact is identical to the third, but here you need a program for another browser - Opera, all of the above actions are repeated in the same order.

As you can see, there are several ways that givethe answer to the question of how to remove the entire wall in contact. But if you do not want to download other people's programs to your computer, it's best to use the first or second method. Of course, the first method is very laborious, but after it you can use the second method or both.

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