Solve the problem: the wireless mouse does not work

To date, personal computersthere are almost every house. And wherever there is a computer, there is almost always a mouse and a keyboard. Wired "rodents" are still more widespread, but more and more often we encounter their wireless counterparts, which are ideal for use not only for laptops, but also for personal computers.

Wireless mice are mobile and convenient. If you have a laptop, then working with them is much easier. For presentations, the wireless mouse will prove to be indispensable, as you will be able to control the computer from a distance. But there are problems when the wireless mouse does not work. And not always at hand is a wired model. Of course, you should always have spare batteries. And also it will not be superfluous to be stocked by two mouses: wire and wireless. We will try to understand why the wireless mouse does not work and how to solve this problem.

Problem one. Batteries sat down

First of all, make sure that in your "rodent"Do not sit down batteries. A wireless mouse and keyboard as power require AA batteries. Check them for operation. Often even new batteries can not ensure proper operation.

The second problem. Port does not work

If you have a problem with the mouse, for example,the wireless mouse a4tech or Microsoft does not work, make sure that the USB mouse is connected to the corresponding computer port. Typically, the wireless mouse in the kit contains a small device that connects to the computer and transmits the signal. Check that the device is properly connected and try to connect it to another USB on your computer. Perhaps, the USB port does not work for you.

Problem three. The program is hung up

If you do not have a wireless mouse,perhaps, the program or the computer itself just hung. Try to start the resynchronization of the mouse with the receiver. Microsoft devices have a special small button for this. Place the device near the receiver, the other wireless devices need to be removed a long distance. At the signal receiver, press the button and make sure that the indicator flashes. If a dialog box appears on the computer monitor, you should follow the instructions in it.

If the window does not appear, click on the "Connect" button at the bottom of the mouse. If the indicator is green, blinking, the device synchronization was successful.

If this action does not work, just restart the computer. Maybe the software was simply broken.

The fourth problem. You must update the software

If your wireless mouse requires certain software, then it may be necessary to update it. For example, you can download the software for Microsoft devices on the official website.

The problem is the fifth. The lens is dirty

If the wireless mouse still does not work, the lens may be dirty. To clear it, you must do the following:

  • wipe the bottom of the "rodent" with a dry cloth;
  • Remove dust from the lens, blow the lens dry air several times;
  • gently wipe the lens with a cotton swab.

The sixth problem. The mouse is faulty

If after all the actions still does not workwireless mouse, most likely it is faulty. This you can check on another computer. In this case, you can take the device to a service center, where the experts will for sure tell you why there was a breakdown, or buy a new mouse. Most often, the second method is much easier, because you save time, and your work on the computer will not be suspended. As wireless "rodents" cost a little.

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