Instructions: how to make Google your homepage

GOOGLE home page
Start page - this is the page that opensimmediately after launching the program to browse the Internet. It allows you to quickly access the necessary site or service. We'll tell you in this article how to make Google your homepage. Since there are a lot of browsers at the moment, and the settings in them are different, the information will be given regarding the most basic and common programs for Internet use.

Google Chrom

Despite the fact that this browser is a product of Google, the start page also needs to be configured. How to do it? 1. Click on "Configure and manage Google Chrom".

2. Then select the "Settings" section.

3. We are interested in the "Initial Group" block. As we can see, in this Internet client you can set several start pages. We need only one. Select "Next Pages".

4. In the window that opens, we enter the address we are interested in. All is ready!

Internet Explorer

If you prefer a product from Microsoft, then you need to do the following to set it as your home (start page) search engine:

1. Go to the section "Tools" - "Browser settings".

2. In the window that appears, click on the "General" tab.

3. Find the line "Home page" and enter the address in it.

4. We confirm the entered information with the button "Ok" and rejoice.

Mozilla FireFox browser

How do I make Google my homepage in this program? It's simple:

1. Select the "Tools" menu item.

Set as your Google homepage
2. Find the "Basic" tab.

3. In the "At startup" field, set "Start from home page".

4. In the field "Home" we write down our address.

5. Click "Ok" and start working!

Opera Browser

How to make Google the starting page, if Opera browser is installed? The configuration of this program is similar to the previous Internet client.

1. Select "Tools" in the menu.

2. Then the "General Settings".

3. Click on "Basic".

4. In the box "At startup", set "Start from home page".

5. In the field "Home" we enter the address of the Google search engine.

6. Click "Ok" and you're done!

Safari Browser

How to make Google the starting page in the browser from the "apple company"? The settings here are more specific, but they are also absolutely simple.

1. Find the "Edit" menu.

2. Then click Settings.

How to set Google as your homepage
3. In the window that appears, click on the "Basic" tab.

4. Click on the "Open new window" field and activate the "Home page" item.

5. In this field we assign the address.

6. That's all!

We looked at how to make the start pageGoogle in the most popular and popular browsers. In all the others the principle is the same. What else can you do in the settings useful for the job? Virtually all programs for browsing the Internet have basic settings and advanced. The second kind is recommended for advanced users. At its discretion, you can specify the default search engine, update options, set or cancel automatic saving of passwords and so on.

We hope that you understand how to installGoogle homepage, and more such questions you will not arise. If in time you will need to change the initial site to some other one, then this is done in a similar way.

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