Programs for watching videos: a review of popular free players

Gone are the days when, in order to seea new film, it was necessary to go to the cinema. Today will not have time to get the tape on the screens - it is already posted on the network (most often this is, of course, a pirated version) and is available for viewing. Programs for viewing video files can be both paid and free. And it's not always free-it means bad.

Popular free video viewers

software for watching videos
One of the most popular programs,distributed free of charge - KMPlayer. This player supports many formats, for which we love the people. In addition, it has a whole library of codecs and filters, which allows you to play almost any video files. Few video viewers can argue with KMPlayer on the number of supported formats.

Another popular and popular media player- Winamp. This program qualitatively processes both audio and video files. In addition, the utility makes it possible to rewrite data from a CD to a computer. The player has convenient control, extensive settings menu and does not make big demands on resources.

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The VLC Media Player is another freeA program that can play unencrypted streaming video. It supports a large number of formats, is fairly easy to use and has several non-standard options.

If you are with a computer on the "You" and you have installedWindows, try using the Light Alloy player. Few video viewers can boast such a simple and obvious control. The playback quality and the number of supported formats are also at a fairly high level.

If you need a program to viewavi-format, you can try BS.player, which also has an easy interface and a fairly wide range of additional functions. The utility has its own library and a set of codecs, which allows you to work with a large number of files of different formats without the need to search and download decryption programs. It is very pleasant that you can create a list of reproduced data, there are opportunities for editing it.

program for viewing avi
Another good video viewer - GOMpayer. In addition to a fairly impressive list of supported formats, it can play "underloaded" files, continuing to load them during playback. Another unusual function is the ability to create screenshots. You can click on "stop", take a snapshot of the scene you like and continue browsing. The number of screenshots you can make at a time is one thousand. Impressive? And how.

This is not all free software for viewingvideo, but the most popular and common, tested not by one thousand users. Find and install them will not be difficult, but to master it is a matter of a few minutes. Usually the interface is intuitive. The buttons "stop", "play", "rewind" usually have a standard (or close to such) recognizable design. Additional functions are provided with brief explanations. Some, however, only in English, but you can always use an online translator - so there should not be any problems. Well, which of them is the best, you can determine only by experiment.

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