WhatsApp: how to install on the tablet. Step-by-step instructions and recommendations

Today you have to deal with the applicationWhatsApp. How to install this software on the tablet? This topic interests many users, especially those who like to always be in touch. After all, "Vots Up" is a social network designed for fast messaging. It is very convenient. But this option is launched mainly through a special application.

whatsapp how to install on the tablet

Only not everyone understands how to properly installthe corresponding software on the tablet. What will it take from the user to implement the idea? It is not so difficult to understand all this as it seems. The main thing is to pay attention to some key points.

Is there a possibility

Can I install WhatsApp on my tablet? It is this question that users are asked at the very beginning. After all, this social network positions itself more as a mobile application. So, it is on phones that it will start 100%. A tablet is not a smartphone. Therefore, users have questions about the possibility of installing the software "Vots Up" on the gadget.

Fortunately, now everyone has a chanceUse the social network on any mobile device. On a tablet, desktop computer, laptop or phone, it does not matter what gadget is talking about. The main thing is that the chance of installation takes place. But we will have to try to translate the idea into reality.

Before installation

The first step to be taken isremove prohibitions on the initiation of programs from unreliable sources. How do I install WhatsApp on a tablet? "Android" - the operating system, which is most often found on similar devices. And it is necessary, as already mentioned, to remove all prohibitions on the installation of programs.

can I install whatsapp tablet

This is done easily and simply. It is enough to visit the "Settings" and look there in the "Security". Then it will be necessary to find the item "Unreliable sources". To remove all the prohibitions on installing the program, you just need to move the switch to the position, which means disabling the option. After that, the changes are saved.

That's all. You can continue to work on the initialization of WhatsApp. How to install this application on the tablet? It is much easier to do this than it seems. By the way, after the implementation of the idea in life it is desirable to include a ban on installing a "suspicious" software again.

Looking for a program

The next step is to find the latest versionapplication. You can download the installation file from the official WhatsApp site. How to install this app on the tablet? To do this, go to the "Download" tab on the official page of the messenger. Then select "Mobile phones" on the left side of the screen.

Below there will be several hyperlinks. They will offer to download the installation files for these or other operating systems. Select the appropriate one, and then a window will open, where you will click on Download Now. The process of downloading the installation file to the computer or tablet starts (it all depends on which gadget the person is working with).

can I install whatsapp on a tablet

If there is an AppStore application on the gadget, you canUse it to implement the idea. It's enough to go to the official WhatsApp site from the tablet, then select "Download the application from the AppStore". This is the most successful scenario if the installation file does not work from the computer.

Upload to device

The next stage is not mandatory. It is only required when the downloading of the installation document took place on the PC. Install WhatsApp on a Samsung tablet (or any other) will be possible only after downloading the previously downloaded file to the device. To do this, use a special cable to connect the tablet to the computer. The user then drags the downloaded document to the memory card or to the built-in gadget memory. A few minutes - and you can proceed to the next stage.

to install whatsapp on a samsung tablet

Sometimes you can transfer the installation file throughBluetooth. To do this, the corresponding service must be enabled on both the computer and the tablet. From the first connection to the second. Next, as already mentioned, the file is loaded into the tablet's memory. Otherwise, it will not be possible to translate the idea into reality. If the document is uploaded through the AppStore, you can skip this step. How to install WhatsApp on a Lenovo tablet or any other? There are only a few steps left.

Search for a file

Now we need to find a document that will allowinstall the appropriate application. Where exactly will the required file be stored? This is known only to the one who downloaded the installer to the gadget. Where can I find the WhatsApp installation file? How to install this messenger on the tablet? If it's a question of downloading the installation document directly through the gadget, then it should be in the Downloads folder.

But when the user decides to injectsoftware from the computer, you will need to remember exactly where the transfer was carried out. For convenience, it is recommended to transfer all the installation files to the Downloads folder at the download stage. The next step is to find the installation document. Without it, you can not do it.


All found? Now you can install WhatsApp. The tablet should start the initialization process. To do this, the user must click on the found installation file. The system will issue a warning that "Vots Up" can write off money. Also in the window you will see a list of actions and information to which the software will gain access.

how to install whatsapp on a lenovo tablet

We must agree with the warning. That's all - it's done. Now you need to wait, and the initialization will start, and after a few minutes it will come to an end. The system will give a message stating that "Vess Ap" is successfully installed and ready to go. Nothing more is required. Unless you click on the "Done" or "Open" button.

The final stage

But only all of the above steps are notwill work fully with WhatsApp. How to install this app on your tablet is understandable. But now you will have to register in the system. Or use the previously entered login and password to enter.

The initialization menu will prompt you to register. For her, you will need to enter a login and password (they are invented independently), as well as the number of the SIM card used on the tablet. If it is not available, you can dial the phone number. Then the device will receive an SMS with a confirmation code. It is entered in a special registration window.

 how to install whatsapp on a tablet android

It's all. Now, using your login and password, you can log in to the system. Attention, connection with the Internet is required for connection! In fact, installing WhatsApp is not such a difficult task. The main thing is not to download the installation file from suspicious sites, otherwise you can put a virus on the gadget. Do not forget that after the initialization of the software must include a ban on installing applications from unreliable sources. Only then you can already safely work in WhatsApp and exchange messages in this application.

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