Details on how to put the patronymic "VKontakte"

Many users of the social network "VKontakte"often think about how to put a nickname or add a patronymic. By the way, it's interesting that some participants have a corresponding item in the settings, but the others do not. Since recently, the corresponding column has not been found by anyone, since updates have occurred, and it has been removed. Now the question is how to add a patronymic "VKontakte." Today we will analyze this problem and try to highlight all the important aspects that may concern this case.


how to put a patronymic in contact
In order to change the patronymic in the socialnetwork, you will need to perform several difficult items. However, now we will talk a little about how we managed to learn about this method. We have long wondered how to write the patronymic in "Contact" and decided to find an effective answer to it. At once I would like to warn readers that the opportunity to establish a patronymic exists, but in order to find out how this is done, you just need to read this article to the very end. The first thing that was done was that the page code in the settings section was viewed. In fact, it is difficult to hide information from someone who really knows how to read similar "annals", so we managed to decide how to put the patronymic "VKontakte." It is worth saying that the task is not too complicated.


how to add a patronymic in contact
Let us now proceed to resolve the issue asput the patronymic «In contact». First, you need to know what a browser debugger is. First of all, you should be authorized on your page in the social network "Vkontakte", then go to the section "Editing". This button is in the upper left corner of the page. Now you should find a field called "Surname" and right click. Next, a pop-up window should appear in front of you, where you should select "View item code". So, how to put a patronymic «VKontakte», you will soon find out. When you have opened the page code, you must be extremely careful, because here all the work should take place without a single mistake. Otherwise, you will not succeed. In the code, you should find a line with the value <div class = "pedit_general_row clear_fix">, when you hover it all should be highlighted. You should click on it with the right button, then select the special Edit as HTML item.


how to contact your patronymic
If the aboveyou should open a new tab, where you will be given the opportunity to edit the entire block. You are required to make a selection. This can be done both with the mouse and keyboard (Ctrl + A), and then copied. Next, put the cursor with a new line. To do this, press the "Enter" key and paste the previously copied data. The question of how to put a patronymic "VKontakte" is solved quickly, the most important thing is to show attentiveness. That's all the information that we wanted to share in this material. Thank you for your attention. Hopefully, the article will help you.

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