"Dragon Age: the beginning": the passage of the legend

Not so long ago, the counters of computer games saw"Dragon Age: the beginning," the passage of which once again revived the idea of ​​players about the classic. The fact is that it is this masterpiece that returns the player to the origins of the given game genre, role participation here is to the core of classical bones. Of course, it should be noted that the dynamics of fights, the visualization of effects and the incredible abilities inherent in mages and warriors, diluted by the extraordinary realism of the characters, not only those that will be managed by the gamer, but also the others involved in the plot, made the game truly legendary .

dragon age the beginning of the passage

Passage of game "Dragon Age: beginning "is focused on the fact that the gamer will have to become the Gray Warden and go through one of the six storylines (or all in turn). However, do not think that the plot here you will meet linear. Despite the fact that the basis of it is preserved, each character will develop uniquely. Moreover, you can choose not only the appearance of your hero yourself, but also his character. It is up to you to decide whether the character will become kind and honest, or he will choose the cruel side of his personality.

Naturally, the most interesting in "Dragon Age: beginning "- the passage. The magician, for example, in his abilities is quite different from the warrior, but each of them is fascinating in its own way. In addition to their own skills and abilities, bonuses can be obtained from armor, various types of weapons. Please note, it is recommended to wear those kits that belong to the same type of ammunition. This will allow you to get an additional bonus. However, this decision is not always right, because you can collect different types of armor and feel great in fights.

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The most difficult stage, according to users,is that you become a commander. Accordingly, you will sooner or later appear subordinates in the "Dragon Age: the beginning." Passage from this does not become easier, despite the help of your warriors, as it will be necessary to make certain efforts that these characters do something, give them different directions and make sure that they are executed. It is recommended to give out orders, use an active pause. It allows you not to waste time inside the game and is especially useful to those who only received in submission several warriors.

There are also small tricks tofacilitate the perception of "Dragon Age: the beginning." The passage provides not only that you will perform the main plot tasks, but also get an opportunity to wander through this large-scale universe, look at other magicians or warriors, gain more experience, find armor and improve your own weapons.

Dragon Age beginning passage magician

So, all users are pleased with the release of the game "DragonAge: the beginning ", the passage of which begins in the castle. There is a long talk with the father, which will make some ideas about what is happening in the world. Performing his fairly easy tasks, the user will get used to managing the character, sort out tactical nuances, and also be able to figure out which abilities he more like. And it will be a small, but serious step towards defeating your main enemy - Archimedes, a powerful and legendary dragon, that is about to plunge the game world into darkness.

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