How to delete a page in Facebook completely or temporarily?

Recently, many users of socialFacebook networks realized that they rashly put their personal data on the public. But they can be used by various swindlers for their criminal purposes. Or, for example, we temporarily do not want to use Facebook and do not want to receive emails from it to our e-mail. How to delete a page in Facebook - temporarily or permanently?

Facebook settings give us the opportunity to retirefrom this social network in order to subsequently return, or permanently. In the first case, your profile and all your entries will be invisible to outside users of the network, but you can renew your account at any time under the same nickname and with the same password. But if you delete your profile permanently, all data, records and lists of friends will be eliminated completely. Therefore, before you delete a page on Facebook, think carefully about your decision.

So, consider first how to delete a pagein Facebook, temporarily, having the opportunity to return to sotsset. Click on the "Account" line, then on the "Account settings". You will see the "Security Settings" page. At the bottom of the page there is a line "Deactivate account", click "Delete". You will be asked about the reasons for leaving, offering several answers. You can choose one of them, forbidding letters from Facebook to come to your e-mail box (a special box at the bottom where you need to tick). But what needs to be done is necessary, so to put a point in the second circle on top, opposite the inscription "This is temporary. I'll be back". Confirm your decision. The security system will torment you for some time - in fact, before you delete an account on Facebook, even temporarily, it needs to make sure that the order for this removal comes from the owner of the page. Therefore, the system will ask you to enter your password. Enter it and confirm. The system can ask to enter the password again, and also to fill the captcha - a set of two words with numbers written as if in a distorted mirror. This is done to protect against bots - only the human eye can read these inscriptions. Try to disassemble the captcha and enter it into the window. As a result, you will see the following message: "Your account has been disabled. To restore the account, log in using your old email address and password ", and you will be hoped for your early return to Facebook.

Now consider how to delete the page inFacebook forever. To do this, you first need to log in to your page by typing in your login and password. Then click on "Account" and "Delete account". The system will ask you if you are going to delete the profile or page permanently, and whether you are sure of this decision. Confirm your choice by typing in the password and filling in the captcha. The following message will appear: "Irrevocable deletion of the account". Confirm. The following entry will be displayed: "Your account has been deleted ... (deleted date)" and you will be given a choice: confirm or cancel deletion. Confirm and log off.

But this does not mean that your account has already disappearedforever. Maybe tomorrow you'll change your mind, because there have been such cases. Before deleting a profile on Facebook, the system gives you two weeks to think. This means that during these two weeks you can always go to your page, typing login and password. There you will see a picture saying that the account will be deleted soon. Within two weeks you can cancel the deletion and again use Facebook with the same login and password. But if the specified period has passed, your profile will be liquidated. If you want to re-open a profile on the Facebook social network, you will have to register on it as a new user.

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