Restore USB flash drives. Step-by-step instruction

More recently, we have stored music, video andelectronic documents on CDs or floppy disks. However, gradually these carriers disappeared, they were replaced by a much more compact and capacious flash drive, USB or just a USB flash drive. It serves as a reliable enough "repository" of any information, but even a USB-drive

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sometimes breaks. What should I do if the USB flash drive does not boot or is not detected on the system? Discard the useless drive and buy a new one if there is nothing important left on it. But sometimes there remains a thesis or a single copy of an important document, it has to be restored. The recovery of the Transcend flash drive does not differ from the same "operation" with the drive of any other brand.

So, let's consider a situation in which a flash drive"Hung" during the recording and was not determined when reconnecting. At the same time, USB appeared in the list of devices, but its disk manager did not show it. These symptoms indicate a controller failure. Any drives, including a Transcend flash drive, are based on a control chip or controller. Various power failures or problems block the controller, and inaccessible sectors appear on the USB. If the flash drive

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"Hangs" because of a system failure, you should do the following:

  1. Determine the name and the company-manufacturer of the controller.
  2. Find the utility developed by this company.
  3. Transfer the control chip to the test mode and restore.

Let's start the recovery of the USB flash drive, dismantlingher on the details - that's the easiest way to find out the chip manufacturer. Disassembles USB-drive easily, just bend the edge of the sticker on its body, press a thin object on the latch, which hides under the sticker, and carefully pull the connector. The controller, in fact, is a printed circuit board. On one side is a chip, and on the other - a memory chip. Both sides contain the data necessary for recovery.

Having decided with the controller manufacturer,continue to restore the flash drive Transcend. The next step is to find a utility from the manufacturer. It must support the controller with this number. You can download the utility utility from the resource that distributes the free software. If no application flash drive is not a "view

how to recover data on a flash drive
it "should be put into test mode. What kind of contacts need to be closed for this is indicated in the drive's documentation. When you find a suitable program, you must install the factory driver that came with it. You can find it in the folder with the utility installed.

Now begins a direct recoveryflash drives. First, load the utility and start the search for the drive. After waiting for it to be displayed in the program, we press the "Start" button, thus launching diagnostics and formatting of the drive. It should be remembered that all data written on the USB flash drive will be erased. To restore the maximum volume of a flash drive, it is worth formatting it twice. After the message on the successful completion of the "operation", turn off the factory driver, return the USB flash drive to normal operating mode and reboot it.

I hope that my story about how to recover data on a flash drive is useful in a desperate situation.

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