Viber or WhatsApp: which is better?

Existing messengers for todayalmost completely sent to the nonexistence of sending ordinary SMS-messages in a mobile device environment. These programs have made SMS inconvenient and completely unprofitable. In this segment there is already a real alternative, but it is still difficult to prioritize and choose. After all messengers a lot. Which application is the most used: Viber or WhatsApp? What is better from different points of view, not just financial ones?

A smartphone with the advent of telephone andmobile technology almost instantly won the love of a huge number of users. Now it can be stated with certainty that about ninety percent of users of mobile devices own exactly gadgets of this type.

The Purpose of Messenger Programs

viber or whatsapp

Smartphone properties and features, convenienceuse, constant and comfortable access to the Internet, the installed operating system made it possible to use such a device for the exchange of textual information, as it was previously done only on computers. At the same time, messages are sent instantly, and there are no monetary costs. And just applications such as Viber or WhatsApp, today are the most preferred among users of mobile gadgets.

I would like to consider their positive andnegative sides in order to determine which of these applications is most attractive. Based on the results of the survey, you will be able to navigate through the selection. So, Viber or WhatsApp: which is better?

Everyone understands why such applicationsare developed: there is an Internet connection, messengers help to exchange text, pictures and photos. Both applications can be customized. But each of them does something better, and something is worse.

Viber and WhatsApp: differences

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The WhatsApp application was designed to be used on older Nokia smartphones. Many years have passed since then, and other mobile operating systems have appeared on the market.

Viber appeared later. He supported more recent platforms and required more mobile devices to install more. Therefore, we can say that users of very old devices today will not be able to install and use this application. But it has versions for computers with Mac and Windows operating systems.

WhatsApp does not lag behind and creates versions for smartphones from Apple and the mobile version of Windows.

If we talk about the Android platform, then to work with WhatsApp need a version of not less than 2.1, and for a messenger-competitor - 2.0.

Thus, Viber earns itself a single point for more supported platforms.

We go further. Which is better: Viber or WhatsApp?

Application user interface

After a survey was conducted amongusers having access to both applications, the result concerning the interface turned out to be ambiguous. WhatsApp is very simple and has an attractive design. In addition, developers are constantly releasing updates that allow you to change the appearance of the application and make it easier to use. For the old devices, under which the program was initially created, a minimalist look was created. So he remained. The program allows you to enter text and emoticons in one field. But the profiles of friends here are very inconvenient. Their viewing could be realized better.

Concerning the program-competitor, Viber, whichwould not have a platform installed, has its own corporate appearance and has only two menus. In use, it is no less easy, but because of the presence of the possibility of making video calls, the user interface is a bit complicated. Therefore, here you can assign one score to the program WhatsApp.

Requirements of the programs for connection

what is more popular than viber or whatsapp

This question is very interesting. Because WhatsApp is an application for sending text, a lot of traffic for its work is not needed. Most megabytes will be spent in order to download the program to the smartphone. The latest versions began to support voice calls, which worsened the situation. Now you need a connection speed higher, and traffic takes more.

Viber is a little more functional, because in itthere are also video calls. Therefore, the requirements for connection here are also not the lowest. Of course, if you connect an unlimited tariff or use a Wi-Fi connection, no one will pay attention to the number of received and sent megabytes, but when the user pays for them, video calls can ruin him. So, one point in favor of WhatsApp.


viber and whatsapp differences

By this criterion, the winner is notit is possible. Each of these applications has a good security system, encrypting the correspondence of users and their personal data. Therefore, here you can throw one ball for each program.

Which is more popular: Viber or WhatsApp? Programs alternately bypass each other. Lovers of simplicity choose the second application, and those who often use videoconnect, the first.

In this comparison, a victory with a minimal advantage can be awarded to WhatsApp, but all this is conditional. Programs are approximately equal. You need to choose according to your own taste.

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