Where to dig a sledgehammer in "Zombie Farm" and why is it needed?

If you are playing in a project for social networks"Zombie Farm", then we must perfectly understand that it is impossible to unite all the resources in a single large group and treat them in the same way. The fact is that some of them can be obtained literally under each building on the farm of your friends, while others will have to be looked for under a couple of buildings, and the chance of finding them will be quite low. Accordingly, it is also possible to divide resources into highly specialized ones and vice versa. In the first case, the resource can be used only in one or two specific events, and in the other, in many. In this article, you will learn where to dig a sledgehammer in Zombie Farm, and why you will need it and how to use it later. You will easily understand the classification of resources the sledgehammer hits.

Where can I unearth this resource

where to dig a sledgehammer in a zombie farm

So, as already mentioned earlier, you canto divide resources into rare and widespread ones. Fortunately, the sledgehammer belongs to the latter, since you are unlikely to even ask at all about where to dig a sledgehammer in Zombie Farm - it meets under more than fifteen different buildings with a rather high chance of getting. You can find this resource under different carpets, and in a hut, and under a snow tree, as well as in many other places. Accordingly, you will not feel any problems with the prey. But it should be noted that you do not need to know where to dig a sledgehammer in Zombie Farm, because almost every resource has several ways of obtaining. In this case, excavation is the most effective option, but it is always better to have several ways of getting a sledgehammer, then not to be without a vital resource at the most inopportune moment.

As a prize

sledgehammer zombie farm where to dig

If you do not know where to dig a sledgehammer in "ZombiesFarm ", then you will have to use other ways: first you should consider the limited quest quest that you will receive during the course of the game.You can take such a quest, fulfill its conditions and as a reward to get these items.If to talk about a sledgehammer, then here you will only get two tasks - "Marathon 26" and "Map", each of which will bring you a good number of sledgehammers that you can use. But you should understand that you can not perform the task repeatedly, that is, there is no sense consider quests as a constant source of this kind of resources.Remember that the game in which you need a sledgehammer is Zombie Farm. "Where to dig?" is the most popular and important question, so it's better to use the standard excavation method, and Only if it does not bring you any results, turn to other options.

other methods

to dig a sledgehammer of a zombie farm

Naturally, these are not all the options that youyou can use to dig a sledgehammer. "Zombie Farm" offers you and other possibilities. For example, you can find this type of resource in case you are lucky and you find a suitcase. It is always possible to find many different resources, including sledgehammers.

Buying and selling

Moreover, you can always turn toExchange, where there is a purchase and sale of various resources and items. Of course, you can only sell rare resources here, but the sledge hammers do not belong to such people, so you can both sell your surplus materials and buy them. If you sell your sledgehammer, you get a thousand coins. Unfortunately, as in most other similar games, the reverse process is not equivalent. You have to pay as many as two zombaks to get at least one sledgehammer. Zombucks are more important game currency than coins, so it's better to spend them reasonably, as you will rarely get them - of course, if you do not invest real money. So it's better to dig up the sledgehammers in the Zombie Farm than to spend such currency on a completely normal resource.

Use of sledgehammers

dig up a sledgehammer in a zombie farm

Everyone knows what game belongs to the resource"Sledgehammer" - "Zombie Farm". Where to dig this material, you already learned, also you are aware of the other ways of its extraction. However, with a sufficient number of sledgehammers, you can start to wonder - why do you need them? In fact, this resource refers to those that can be used for a variety of purposes, so that the sledgehammer will never exactly be a lot. First, you can create with their help new resources, such as multicolored marble or even gunpowder. But that's not all - the sledgehammer is also a very important component in the construction. With its help, you can build more than ten different buildings - of course, you need to understand that this will require other resources, and the sledgehammers themselves will sometimes be needed in very large quantities. So the basic idea that concerns this type of material is that a sledgehammer is never a lot, and if you have the opportunity to dig it - do it because they will always come in handy, and the more stocks, the better, the more buildings you build.

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