Logitech gaming mice: market overview, specifications, photos and best models

Professional players value their devices beforeall for their accuracy in control, obedience, reliability, durability and, of course, for an additional set of specialized functions. Many companies produce such devices, but not all of them can boast of such a set of characteristics. Whether it's the Logitech gaming mouse, which we'll talk about today.

Logitech G502

gaming mice logitech

The Logitech G502 Proteus Core gaming mouse isthe most popular game model. It is equipped with an optical sensor of an improved type. This device is designed to track manipulations with the greatest possible accuracy. Distinctive features are also specialized game profiles, the number and location of which can be changed. It was not without the built-in LED lighting.

Optical sensor

Thanks to the exclusive component, the errorwhile tracking the movement of the mouse is reduced to the minimum value. In this case, you can always increase the speed of cursor movement. During this, the accuracy of the aiming in the shooter will be maximum. Between the sensitivity levels, you can instantly switch. The user has only five modes. To use some of the settings of this plan, you will need to install additional free software from the company "Logitech."

User's desires are the law

gaming mouse logitech g502

Logitech gaming mice have always beenfirst of all for the needs of the buyer. Buying the model G502, the user can be sure that he can calibrate and configure his device exactly as he himself wants. The delivery of the mouse includes special weights: the mass of each of them is 3,6 grams. At the right points you can set all the weights at once, or do the same operation with a certain amount. This fine-tuning allows you to achieve a balance in the mass of the device and the accuracy of cursor movement.

Backlight for every taste

Many gaming mice Logitech have a backlight,and G502 was no exception to this rule. Users who purchased this model can choose one of 16.8 million shades to activate the backlight. This feature is provided by special software supplied by the manufacturer. Having understood in the settings, you can set the preferred mode for the moments when the operating system is not involved. In this case, the backlight can be completely disabled.

Adjustment of the most important characteristics

Thanks to a set of user settings,The device can be prepared to work on almost any surface. This can not boast of all Logitech gaming mice, but this is one of the features of the G502. You can balance the indicators in such a way as to ultimately achieve the highest accuracy. To do this, you can use the appropriate optical sensor, which we mentioned earlier. Just five minutes of the simplest setting, and you are ready to fight with a virtual opponent.

Gaming Mouse Logitech G700S

gaming mouse logitech g502 proteus core

They say that the more power, the morea responsibility. In the game interpretation, this expression sounds a little different: the more the force, the more key-macros should be in the mouse. Indeed, these elements play a rather important role. The model has thirteen programmable keys, and how to use them, for what purpose, it remains for users to decide.


Probably, many people know the situation when the chargethe mouse is coming to an end. You have to stop the game in order to perform the necessary operations. In the case of the G700S, no such action is required from the user. You can charge the mouse even during the game with a standard microUSB or USB cable. In order to start the charging process, it is enough to change the preference from the wireless mode to the wired one. AA batteries will be charged even when using applications and games.

Programmable Controls

gaming mouse logitech g700s

You can achieve excellent results in games,using the standard configuration. Of course, it does not require any additional configuration. Nevertheless, at any time you can do a quick setup of one-button type triggers. This greatly facilitates the process of the game. There is simplified access by using the PTT mode. To activate the settings you need the appropriate software, but using thirteen programmable keys is what many users dream of, believe me.

Stable data transfer

All user commands the device recognizes andperforms with a sufficiently high speed. The Logitech G700S gaming mouse model transmits signals not only via a wireless connection, but also via a USB communication standard. Thanks to this function works up to eight times faster than an ordinary device. And this means that all your movements will be seized almost at the same time as you do them in reality.

Sensitivity Modes

The user may not even be distracted from the gamesituations to change the sensitivity of your device. To do this, it is enough to configure in advance ten modes with different indicators. After that, switching from one to another will be quite easy. This is achieved by pressing just one button. It is located behind the scroll wheel. Thanks to such technologies, you can change the sensitivity from 200 to 8200 dots per inch.

Gaming mouse Logitech G300S

gaming mouse logitech g300s

This device is also equipped with programmablekeys. There are nine of them. You can once and for all program these elements specifically for yourself to use macros at the right time. One-button triggers will perfectly remember the actions that will be hanged on them. Nevertheless, if there is no such desire, standard configurations applied by default will also come down. Additional software is required to activate the user settings.

The form

The Logitech G300S wireless gaming mouse hasergonomic shape. It is symmetrical, so the device can use both right-handed and left-handed players. The mouse was designed by the designers and engineers of the company in accordance with all the rules of comfort, reliability, convenience and, of course, durability. Compact form, which is universal, once again only increases the manageability.


 wireless gaming mouse logitech

Each user profile can be different fromsimilar to the unique color of the indicator. Thanks to such settings, you can always understand what settings were used earlier. Up to seven color combinations are supported.

Characteristics and Comparison

Special cord covering is only available forfirst model. The sensitivity value can be selected and adjusted to the discretion of the user in all three mice. The only symmetrical design is the G300S. The backlight is adjusted for all devices. Precise positioning is only available for the G502. The G700S does not have an optical sensor, a laser analog has come to replace it. Connections using the USB interface of the G300S no. Wireless communication is only available with the G700S. It also provides the ability to recharge. And only on the G502S you can adjust the weight.

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