Gmail SMTP Settings: Ways and Nuances

Simple Mail Transfer Protocol is a standarda communication protocol for sending e-mail messages in business networks and the Internet. SMTP was developed in the early 1980s and remains one of the most popular protocols used throughout the world. The reason for popularity also lies in the fact that at the moment there is no worthy alternative technology.

SMTP is the TCP / IP protocol used forsending and receiving e-mail. Usually it works with one of two other protocols, POP3 or IMAP, which allow the user to save messages in the mailbox and periodically download them from the server. In other words, users usually use a program that uses SMTP to send and POP3 or IMAP to receive e-mail.

Gmail SMTP settings will be required if you wantSend an email from your Gmail account using email. Below are specific information. What is needed to configure SMTP for Gmail?

gmail smtp setup

Network settings

Gmail SMTP settings by default:

  • server address:;
  • login: e-mail address;
  • password: your Gmail password;
  • port (TLS): 587;
  • port (SSL): 465;
  • Gmail SMTP TLS / SSL required: yes.

Important. In addition to these SMTP Gmail settings (ipb 3.4.6), you must allow the mail client to receive / download mail from the Gmail account.

POP3 and IMAP default settings

You can download / receive mail throughPOP3 or IMAP servers. You can enable this type of access through Gmail settings on the Settings - Forwarding and POP / IMAP settings screen. Server parameters for sending data via Gmail are required when using an email client. You do not need to manually enter the settings when sending messages through the browser, for example, via

Because Gmail is extremely popular, some email programs provide server data automatically when setting up your account.

smtp gmail setup

Can not send mail through Gmail?

Some email applications use old,less secure technologies to log into your email account, and Google blocks these requests by default. If you can not send mail with a Gmail account for this reason, it's unlikely that you enter the wrong settings. In this case, you will receive a message related to the security of the mail client.

To resolve this issue, log in to your Google account through a web browser and enable access through secure applications by reference.

Gmail SMTP server settings - how does it work?

All modern email client programssupport SMTP. The settings supported in the mail client include the IP address of the SMTP server (along with the addresses of the POP or IMAP server). Web clients implement the server address in their configuration, and PC clients provide SMTP parameters that allow users to define their own server.

A physical SMTP server can only be designed to handle mail traffic, but is often combined with POP3, and sometimes with other proxy server functions.

SMTP uses TCP port 25 for a standard connection. To improve the protocol and help combat spam on the Internet, standards groups developed TCP port 587 to support certain aspects of the protocol. Several e-mail web services, such as Gmail, use unofficial TCP port 465 for SMTP.

configuring smtp gmail ipb 3 4 6


The SMTP standard defines a set of commands - the names of certain types of messages that send mail clients to the server when requesting information.

The most important commands are:

  • HELO and EHLO - initiate a new protocol session between the client and the server. EHLO asks for replies to any additional SMTP extensions.
  • MAIL - initiates the sending of the message.
  • RCPT - provides one address for the recipient of the current message.
  • DATA is the command indicating the beginning of the message transmission. Initiate a series of one or more follow-up messages, each of which contains part of the message.
  • RSET - when sending an e-mail (after issuing the MAIL command), SMTP can reset the connection if it encounters an error in the protocol.
  • NOOP is an empty message ("no operation"), designed as a kind of ping to test for the responsiveness of the other end of the session.
  • QUIT - the completion of the protocol session.

smtp server gmail setup
The recipient of these commands responds with either successful or unsuccessful code numbers.


There are no built-in functions in SMTPsecurity. Internet spammers actively used SNMP (network management protocol) at the initial stage of technology development, generating a huge amount of junk mail and delivering them through open SMTP servers. Protection against spam has improved over time, but the security problem still remains urgent. In addition, SMTP does not prevent spammers from configuring (via the MAIL command) fake e-mail addresses.

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