How to remove "Iambler" from "Google Chrome"? A Beginner's Guide

A lot of users todayare interested in how to remove "Iambler" from "Google Chrome", thereby getting rid of the imposed homepage in the web browser. However, first of all you need to know what is Yambler.

So, the site "Iambler" positions itself aslarge search engine. High traffic to this resource is most likely provided by a virus that integrates into the browser and changes the home page. As a result, when the user's web browser starts, it redirects to the site.

how to remove jambler from google chrome

It should be noted that such a virus does not cause harmyour computer. However, many "users" want to get rid of it, because it's not very convenient when instead of the usual search engines "Google" or "Yandex" when starting the browser opens some strange resource.

That's why you need to know how to remove "Iambler". From "Google", as well as from other web browsers, you can remove it by doing some simple manipulations, which will be discussed in this article.

Checking your computer for viruses

If you find that after starting the browser in theAs the start page opens "Iambler", then your first action should be checking the device for viruses. Perhaps when installing an application or an extension with it, malicious software penetrated the computer, which changed the start page in Google Chrome.

how to remove iambler

Start the antivirus and do a deepScanning System. If a virus is detected, delete it or put it in quarantine. In addition, you can use special programs that are able to solve such problems. Select, for example, the Malwarebytes application or whatever. But remember that downloading such programs is recommended only from official sites.

Changing the Start Page in a Web Browser

If cleaning the PC from viruses did not help, then you needKnow how to remove "Iambler" from "Google Chrome" by changing the browser's start page. Immediately need to say that if you download Google Chrome not from the official site, but from a third-party resource that has a dubious reputation, then, most likely, when you launch a web browser will open a homepage with intrusive advertising.

So, how to remove "Iambler" from "Chrome"? Very simple:

  • Go to the Chrome menu (button with three bars) and refer to the "Settings".

  • Find the "When started to open" block and click the "Add" link.

  • A window will open where you will need to highlight the address of the "Yambler" site and, by clicking the cross, remove it from the list.

how to remove a jumper from Google

Here you can also set the start page, for example, "Google". Just do not forget to check the "Specified Pages" option with the checkbox.

Correct a shortcut link

In addition to the actions mentioned above, there is another way to remove Yambler from Google Chrome. This is about correcting the shortcut link for the web browser.

On the "Desktop", find the shortcut Google Chrome,and by clicking on it PCM, select the "Properties" option from the drop-down menu. Here, pay attention to the link specified in the "Object" sector. It should end with the word "chrome" and have the extension ".exe" (like so: "chrome.exe"). If the link has another ending, then it is necessary to fix it.

How to remove a switch from a chrome

In many cases, this method allows you to get rid of the "left" start pages with annoying ads. Now you also know how to remove "Iambler" from "Google Chrome" by changing the shortcut link.


In addition to the actions mentioned in this article, it is recommended to perform two more activities, namely:

  1. Delete the Zaxar folder (it may have a different name) in the Program Files.
  2. Reinstalling the Punto Switcher application. Almost always Yambler, penetrating your computer, makes changes to this program.

So, now you know how to remove "Iambler" from "Google Chrome", as well as other web browsers.

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