How do I delete a group in a "contact"? A simple guide for beginners

With the development of the Internet, the advantages offered bythis modern information network, were quickly implemented in numerous unique projects. Many of these projects in the shortest time gained popularity among the most diverse segments of the population. One of such a brilliant child of the Internet was a social network - a resource where people got the opportunity not only to communicate among themselves, discussing interesting events and exchanging relevant news, but also to fully display, through the functions of their profile, all the facets of their own inner world.

Social networks are so popular that evenpresidents and politicians are regular users of these sites, periodically posting interesting comments about their personal lives. The origin of such sites began in the west, after which the fashion for such resources reached our country. Naturally, most residents could not use all the opportunities of foreign websites because of the language barrier, so soon the famous VKontakte network was created, which united 90% of all Russian-speaking residents of the CIS and abroad.

Because of the relative entanglement of the richSome users do not know how to perform this or that action. The answer to the most frequently asked question is "How to delete a group in a contact?" Is not so complicated. You can find it by reading this article to the end.

Sometimes a user entering a group and visitingher for a while, understands that this section is no longer interesting to him. All would be nothing, but the problem is that a variety of newsletters and news continue to flow to the user, forcing him to either permanently delete this "spam" or view it, which also takes a lot of time. But not all users know how to delete a group in a "contact". This situation is solved quite simply. You need to go to the "My Groups" section, find the required community in the list and click on the "Leave group" button.

It is quite rare for a user to leaveimmediately from all of their groups, but when this happens, it is almost impossible to learn how to delete all groups in a contact in a few moments, because there is no such button in the social networking interface. There is a way out of this situation, but it is rather difficult and you will need to spend time searching for the optimal solution. The first thing you need in any case is to open the "My Groups" tab, after which you can try to delete all communities by inserting a special command into the address bar of the browser. This command (macro) after clicking on "Enter" will perform all necessary manipulations. Most often use a command like:

[removed] var g = new Array (); var links = document.links; for (i = 0; i = g.length) {clearInterval (sI)} ", 1500).

If it does not work, then you will have to look for its analogs, able to work with your browser.

In addition, the question of how to delete a group in"contact", implies not just a way out of the community, but its immediate removal. If you founded a group and then administered it, and now want to delete it, you can do it yourself quite simply. This became possible after a series of recent updates - the social network administration again returned the ability to delete communities by users. In order to delete a group in a contact, you first need to make the group itself empty, removing all users from it, and then discard the management rights. The group either immediately retires independently, or will be removed after some time by the administration.

Now, after you know how to removegroup in the "contact", it will be more convenient for you to use the opportunities provided by this unique social network, choosing from the total information flow only the channels you need. The main thing is not to forget that in the real world of useful information, much more than in the virtual world of social networks.

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