How to increase the rating "VKontakte" for free

Very many users of the social network ВKontakte "attach great importance to its rating. This is especially important for those who want to pay attention to themselves, to their hobbies and hobbies, or to promote their services in one way or another. Increasing the rating allows you to display direct links to user pages in the front rows of the search engine, and simply increases your own self-esteem. There are several methods, how to improve the rating "VKontakte." So, to do this, you will need: filled information about one's own person; friends; Any acquaintance who is not registered on the site. If you are going to use the paid services of the site, then plus to the above you will need a mobile phone and an Internet purse of any of the electronic payment systems.

The higher your rating will be in this social network, thanmore information about yourself is your favorite. Share with the world of personal - and you will get a plus of 20% of the desired rating. Specify the educational institutions in which you gnawed granite science - and another 20% you are provided. Note that the school and the place of work that you specify will be estimated at 2 times higher than the university (for school and work - 10% for the university - 5%). If you specify your favorite places, another 10% will come to you. Contact information will provide 10%. If you want to increase the rating "VKontakte" another 25%, put your photo as an avatar. If you make a calculation, then by filling out all the suggested items, you will gain 100%.

Surely you still have such acquaintances whofor various reasons, are still not registered on this ubiquitous website. If you manage to persuade them to register, send them an invitation: for each person who passed it on registration, you will be awarded as much as 25% of their rating. You can invite friends by sending them a link containing your ID, by which they can go to the site and register.

Raise the rating "VKontakte" it is possible, if friends will vote for you. Also, you can vote for them, it will add you interest. The more actively you do this, the more likely that, as a token of gratitude, your acquaintances will vote for you.

However, this is not all the ways of freeraising the rating. Of course, if you send a certain SMS message to the number indicated by the site, you will be able to receive three to ten votes. This will depend on how much was spent on sending SMS. A cheaper, but still paid way, how to improve the rating "VKontakte" - is the payment of votes and additional servicesthrough electronic money. If you are ready to go broke for paying for virtual "tricks", get your wallet for Webmoney, Yandex money, PayPal or another, convenient for you.

But back to our "free rams", because how to improve the rating "VKontakte" You can, not only filling out information about yourself, but alsousing some gaming applications. For example, in "Cactusomania" you need to grow a cactus. Consequently, you are courting, watering, healing, fertilizing, cutting, etc. In general, everything is like a favorite toy of the 90's "Tamagotchi". Your cactus will bloom from time to time, and for each such flowering you will get 1% to your rate.

And here how to improve the rating "VKontakte" using the application "Sticks". In this logic game there are only 4 of its kind, where you can earn the bonus you need. First you need to play a normal game, where for every game you win, you get one coin. After that, you can call friends and raise the rating. Total in this application can get up to 10%.

You can earn votes in the game "Bee Attack". Here you will also need friends. Weekly, you can win 1-7 votes, which then change to a rating. The calculation is as follows: 0.6 votes equal to one percent of the rating.

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