What should I do if music "VKontakte" does not play?

Do you have a problem? Do not play VKontakte? Dont be upset! All problems can be fixed. The main thing is to find the reason.

does not play music vkontakte

In many cases, the reason is in the "VKontakte" itself. In fact, absolutely perfect systems do not exist. Therefore, there are failures in work related to listening to music and watching videos. Perhaps you are unlucky, and you are at the moment when the administration of the site is carrying out maintenance. In this case, you have nothing left to do, just how to wait for the completion of the work.

does not play music vkontakte

Why is not playing "VKontakte" music?

Reason number 1. If you do not have Adobe Flash Player installed on your computer, you will not be able to listen to music, view video, or run applications. If you have it, then make sure that the installation is correct and update to the latest version.

If you can not install the program yourself, you can contact the specialists for help.

Do not play music "VKontakte"? Reason number 2. Very often there are problems with the browser. Find out which browser you have: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Internet Explorer. In most cases, the program simply does not work correctly. This can occur for the following reasons:

  • The browser is not correctly installed.
  • Removed the necessary files for correct operation.
  • Penetration of viruses.

These problems can be solved even by a child.

How to do it?

To begin, remove the browser, and then download the new one and install it on your computer.

If the problem was in this, then the music will be played perfectly.

music from vkontakte

Tip # 3 on troubleshooting playback issuesmusic. If you have a bad internet connection, then the music from "VKontakte" will not be played. In order for audio to work properly, you need a good Internet speed. This also affects other media content "VKontakte". Eliminate this problem by ordering the services of a normal provider that provides Internet connection at a high speed.

Recommendation number 4. The reason that does not play music "VKontakte", may be a problem with the computer. They interfere with the reproduction of audio, and many do not understand what is the problem? Solve this task more difficult than previous ones, but an experienced Windows user will quickly cope with it. These errors can be fixed simply by rebooting the computer. You may also need to restore the system.

If you do not know how to restore the system, you can read about it on the Internet or contact your system administrator.

Assumption 5. Earlier it was mentioned that all systems are not ideal. Nobody can give a 100% guarantee against failures. Developers "VKontakte" very quickly eliminate the emerging problems. You should treat this with understanding. We need to wait a little. After all, every day "VKontakte" is visited by millions, hence - a huge load.

A little patience, and the work "VKontakte" will resume, and you will again enjoy your favorite music.

This is perhaps the main list of reasons thatinterfere with audio and video playback. Now you can fix the problem yourself, if the music does not play "VKontakte". Use our recommendations!

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