How is it more profitable to upgrade a printer - CISS or PZK

Not so long ago, the results of the comparisonoperating costs of laser and inkjet printers were clearly not in favor of the latter - refilling the toner cartridge or replacing it completely was much cheaper than replacing ink cartridges. And about the possibility of refilling the ink to a certain point in general was not thought, at least on a professional level - it was the destiny of the "kulibins", and these operations were carried out at their own peril and risk, and they did not end well and not all succeeded - printheads often came out out of service. Although this, of course, depended on the experience and the level of skill of the printer's owner ... But then the situation changed dramatically, the market of consumables for ink-jet printing ceased to be monopolistic - there were serious manufacturers offering even non-original but very high-quality ink. And after the ink appeared more interesting things - refillable cartridges and continuous ink supply systems. But what is more necessary for the usual owner of a conventional home inkjet printer?

It all depends on the amount of printing. Although, of course, you need to consider not only the needs, but also the opportunities - if, for example, CISS for Canon MFPs in Krasnodar or other large population center to find moreyou can, then with PZK, especially for new models of printers, there may be certain problems. But back to the volumes ... As studies have shown, CISS makes sense to put in the case of printing really intense - when a week from the printer comes off more than 400 documents printed in color, or about a hundred full-color photos in A4 format. Then it really justifies itself, but if you print a little and rarely, then it's better to dispense with PZK, because CISS is a piece of equipment quite complex, besides, given the fierce resistance to the use of non-original consumables by printer manufacturers, sometimes requiring significant changes in the design of the device itself.

But if you really have a lot of typing,then CISS is uniquely profitable. In addition, it also contributes to the extension of the printer's life - you do not need to remove the cartridges, neither the contact groups of the chips, nor the printhead at all do not suffer (it's no secret that basically the problems with this node arise during the dismantling process and installing the back of the ink tanks). By the way, according to some studies (although for obvious reasons they were of an unofficial nature) when installing CISS on office printers, it is possible to make inkjet devices even more profitable than laser ones.

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