How to play Counter Strike from the very beginning

How to learn to play in the CC (Counter Strike)? Everywhere you need experience, do not you? But where to get the experience of this game on the computer, if you have no idea about its rules? Probably, it is necessary to begin from the very beginning. So, "Counter Strike" - a series of so-called cult computer games recognized by gamers (computer players) around the world. Originally it was a modification of another game on the computer, called "Half Life".

Whatever it was, but today with the question: "How to play well in the COP to learn?", Faced almost any fan of computer games, which has a modern personal computer. Someone from our children, relatives or friends almost certainly plays or played before in this popular game. Question: "How to play in CC (Counter Strike)?" Is relevant for some other reasons.

Some people say that one should learn from strangersmistakes, and others say they prefer to learn from their own. At the same time, one should not forget that training can be different. If you go to the Internet sites to learn how to play in CS, without having the slightest idea about this game, then you show complete disrespect not only to experienced players in Counter Strike, but also to beginners who have bothered to learn the rules.

In any case, the rules should be followed and started outsidedepending on what you are a player in other games. Want to learn how to play in the CC (Counter Strike) - start with the rules. Naturally, you will need a computer, connection to the Internet, free time and perseverance. Since you are reading this publication, you are already showing a certain interest in this truly cult game. Hence, in some way the beginning has already been laid.

And the game itself, you also need. Perhaps, this statement from someone from the readers caused a smile, because installing the game on your personal computer for them is something for granted? But the fact is that the COP has several versions. Naturally, over time, this game has improved and become better, is not it? We will need Counter Strike CS (CS) - 1.6.

Where to find the distribution kit? On the Internet, of course! At least, you will find the computer game itself and install it on your personal computer without any difficulties. Then you will need to create a server with a de_dust2 card and play with the bots. Why? Because, as in the beginning of the article it was said, you will not be able to create a competition even for hypothetical players. It is even better to start mastering the COP with the study of maps, finding profitable, useful places, and then play against the bots. Bots are virtual, computer-controlled partners (opponents) in the game.

And now about how to play in the COP on the Internet after being trained in a game with bots:

  • Start - "Find server", after which a window will appear.

  • At the top click the first column - "Internet" - the server will start searching.

  • Choose any acceptable server. Click it twice with the mouse and start downloading.

  • After its completion, decide on the "guild" that you like. Do you want to play for terrorists or for special forces? But remember, this is just a game!

  • Choose the appearance of your team of players.

In principle, that's all! In the sense that all the preliminary steps have been taken. Well, now for most PC users, the question of how to play in the CS remains relevant. The point here is not even in computer literacy, but in the psychological aspect. We all want to get the complete instruction of this or that process. On the other hand, every person is a creative person. Playing in the COP, you will necessarily face extraordinary situations.

At least, remember that the shopping menuopens with the "B" key. There is chosen a weapon for the game and its class. Initially, you should take into account the fact that on the Internet you, for sure, will have to play in the COP team. A loner, as a rule, bears problems to other players. Consider the importance of sound in the game! By sound, as in the real world, you can determine the location of enemies.

Do not forget that the COP - a game, although very exciting! To play you will learn necessarily, but try to leave all emotions in the virtual world!

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