What is the fastest browser?

Speed ​​of loading of Internet pages is very importantfor comfortable surfing in the network. This provided the conditions for starting races among developers involved in creating web browsers, for the title "the fastest Internet browser". The main for Russian-speaking users with the installed Windows system, which makes sense to consider, are the following:

1) Internet Explorer, the brainchild of Microsoft, by default included in all versions of Windows.

2) Opera is a popular product just on the territory occupied by the Russian-speaking population.

3) Mazil Firefox.

4) Young, but super-popular Google Chrome.

fastest browser

Each of the listed browsers has its ownadvantages. It should be noted that prior to the release of the Internet Explorer version 9.0, this browser did not represent any interest at all, essentially lagging behind the competitors. However, the new version has implemented a fundamentally new approach, which allows the offspring of Bill Gates to occupy a worthy place today. At the moment, a new version 10.0, which should compete for the title "the fastest browser in the world".

Opera is popular due to its convenience andthe introduction of many innovations, which provided him with the love of users. However, this browser has security holes and does not stand out at a high speed, which does not allow it to participate in a competitive race at the present stage.

fastest internet browser

Mazila Firefors for a long time was in the lead amongInternet browsers. It provided fast loading of pages that allowed to perceive it as the fastest browser. However, it has its weaknesses, the root of which lies in the use of plug-ins. They are used for convenience of work, creating additional comfort. Being installed in large numbers, they lead to a serious load on the system. This makes Mazilu very slow and demanding on computer resources, especially to the memory.

Browser, which at the moment took a branchchampionship, is Google Chrome, created by developers of the popular search engine. Speed ​​and ease of operation, combined with great functionality, allowed him to become very popular among Internet users in a short time. Despite some relativity of the calculations, we can safely say that at the moment Google Chrome is the fastest browser.

the fastest browser in the world

The browser from Google was developed on the basis ofopen engine WebKit (WebKit). His popularity was triggered by the appearance of clones, it should be noted that many of them are very successful. For Russian-speaking users, there may be interesting projects from Yandex,, a browser that is called very simply - the Internet, as well as CoolNovo, in which mouse control is implemented, which can be very convenient for users accustomed to the Opera, but wishing get at your disposal the fastest browser.

Not all clones are listed here, in fact, theira lot more. The main reason for their occurrence is the dissatisfaction of users with the policy of Google, which tries to track user actions through its software products. In addition, periodically there are updates to the engine, which runs the fastest browser in the world, and Chrome is not in a hurry to update, passing first a series of tests. But it is worth noting that the release of updates does not particularly affect the speed of work.

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