Detailed passage: "Escape from prison"

In the game "Escape from prison"the participant has to create his character. If you have not had to do this before, then it is recommended to get acquainted with the "Races" section before starting the process. In this adventure there are many funny and funny events, for example, when you play dice and shackles, you should go to the lattice. You can listen to all the mockery of your neighbor. Passage of the game "Escape from prison" is not very simple, because the game itself contains a lot of secrets, over which a lot of users are puzzled.

Transfer of the amulet

escape from prison
Now you can get to know the mostdifficult moments and study the passage. "Escape from prison" is a multi-level game. We will look at the most intricate stages. Every level and its passage we will try to describe in detail, so that in the future you will not encounter any difficulties. The first stage is called "Transfer of the amulet". You get to freedom, and you have an unforgettable view, now you can do almost anything you want. By the way, in this game the tasks given by the developers are completely unobtrusive, accordingly, it will not cause problems and the passage. "Escape from prison" also allows you to study the location and the game world. This is no less interesting process than overcoming the main plot.


Next, consider how to continue the passage. "Escape from prison" opens a new trial for you. The first thing you should do is go to the Abbey of Veyon, and there you can meet with Juffy. This character is on the second floor of the building. Your task is to give the person a special amulet, after which you can get some supplies and a horse.

We follow the path of the creators

Jailbreak game
Just worth mentioning that you are waiting for somedifficulty in the course of the game, which will help to solve the passage. "Escape from prison" is a project, the developers of which slightly confuse each participant, and if you do not follow all the actions according to the scenario, in that case you will have to overcome obstacles for a long period of time.

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