Quest passage: "The Witcher 2" - "The Nightmare of Baltimore"

If you play in the second "Witcher", then,most likely, you already managed to notice that for one passage you will not be able to complete all the tasks. Depending on what decisions you make, you are granted access to one job, while others are not available to you. In this article we will discuss one task that you can get in the second chapter and which few people manage to accomplish until the end. That's why you will need passage. "The Witcher 2 - The Nightmare of Baltimore" is a task in which you will have to try hard to succeed. To receive it you will need to choose the path of Iorvet, refusing to Rochelle.

How to get the quest?

Witcher Walk 2 Baltimore Nightmare

First, you need to find out how you canget this assignment before you start it. "Witcher 2 - The Nightmare of Baltimore" is a quest that you can get when you are on a plot task to search for a magical artifact in an abandoned quarry. There will be a vision with you, in which you will see how the reddish person runs away from someone in a panic. If you now go to Vergen, you will be able to notice a strange house next to the mines - it was you who saw it in a mysterious dream. It turns out that this is the hut of the great smithy of Baltimore, who was killed - now his apprentice Torak is in charge of it with his two disciples. Now Torak received the title of Baltimore, and you naturally want to know what happened. From this moment the passage begins. "The Witcher 2 - The Nightmare of Baltimore" is a quest that can have two different endings, so be careful.

Start of the passage

Witcher 2 Baltimore Nightmare Walkthrough

So, what is in this casepassage? "The Witcher 2 - The Nightmare of Baltimore" is the quest that you receive as soon as you can communicate with the Torak. He will allow you to inspect the house of the blacksmith - there you will notice that one of the walls can be broken with the help of the Aard sign. Behind the wall is a trunk with Baltimore guiding notes that point to the location of all his records. The noise comes from the Torah, and you have the first choice - tell him about the find or not. If you tell me, he will ask you to give him the records of his master. This is how the start of one of the most interesting quests in the game "The Witcher 2" - "The Nightmare of Baltimore". Passage will only grow hot with time.

Searches for notes

Witcher 2 Killers of Kings Passage of a Nightmare of Baltimore

Now you can understand how fascinatingis in the game "The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings" passage. "The nightmare of Baltimore" is a quest, the main part of which you will be in the search state. You will need to follow the instructions of Baltimore clearly in his guiding notes. If you do everything right, you can come to the place where the blacksmith hid his notes - they are in a chest, which also contains all of his expensive and effective runes. It would seem that everything is quite simple - what is the secret? "Witcher 2" (quest "The Nightmare of Baltimore" in particular) is very fond of presenting gamers with surprises. Therefore, do not before time relax.

Torak and Baltimore

 secret witcher 2 quest nightmare of Baltimore

Before you can open the chest, you have toTorak and his disciples will appear with their backs. It is here that the influence of what choice you made at the very beginning will affect. If you told Torak about the notes found and agreed to give him the contents of the chest, then you can keep your word - then the Torak will reward you and give everything that was in the chest, except for the notes of his master. However, if you did not tell him about your find or now refuse to fulfill your part of the agreement, the blacksmith will attack you along with his students. You will face a rather difficult battle, in which there will be three opponents against you, so you need to think in advance of tactics. After the victory, you can finally open the chest to see what's inside.

Finishing the quest

So, it's time to finish this quest.To do this, open the chest and inspect its contents - inside there will be some interesting items, as well as powerful runes, which you can either sell or use yourself. However, this is far from everything, the most important thing is that in the trunk there are those very notes of Baltimore, from which it becomes clear that the killer of the blacksmith is just the Torak. He did not know where the chest was, so he tried to use the power of the Witcher to find him and get rid of the only evidence. But his plan failed, so now you can safely go to Cecil, the elder Vergen, in which all these events occur. Tell him about how exactly Baltimore died - for this you will receive a reward from the elder. The quest will be closed, and Cecil will go in search of a new smithy, which could take the place of Baltimore, illegally obtained by Thorak. Well, you can continue your journey, since now you know exactly how it is necessary to pass this is not the easiest quest with several endings. Also, you should already understand which of the endings has the right to be called good.

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