A noiseless mouse is sleeping on the rug ...

Often happens so: a thing that you absolutely do not pay attention to, with a change in the situation becomes a serious irritant. Surely many of you have noticed how loud the computer mouse click is when you are in an office or an Internet cafe? Most likely, no, because there are other, much more loud stimuli, more than enough.

The situation changes completely when necessarywork at home, and even at night. If there is nowhere else to hide, and in one room with you is a man with a sensitive ear, for him a faint click of the mouse - that kick with a whip. To some, such sensitivity may seem ridiculous, but for someone - this is a serious family problems. As it turns out from the records on the forums, the work of the mouse button restlessly respond and pets, who have a hearing better than anyone. But the night vigil at the computer is not only "toys" and carefree surfing on the Net, but also serious remote work. This is where the silent mouse comes to the rescue.

Silent mouse

Strictly speaking, these devices are not absolutely silent. But a light, almost weightless click can be disassembled only if you bring your ear closer to the very body of the mouse.

(By the way, there is a serious suspicion that it is the "beautiful halves" of hardcore gamers and workaholics that owe their existence to a noiseless mouse.)

And then the first time works psychology. A person who uses the "usual" mouse for years, is used to the fact that pressing a button on it must necessarily be accompanied by a more or less sonorous click. And if it does not exist, then the device is likely to be malfunctioning ... Of course, it still perfectly reacts to all the pressures - no worse than the wireless mouse logitech. Simply with the lack of "sound accompaniment" you need to put up.

Wireless mouse logitech

Practice shows: people who are accustomed to work with music in headphones, gamers playing in them, as well as users of notebooks with touchpads, tablets and smartphones, by default deprived of "clicks", easier to master such an "exotic" tool as a noiseless mouse.

Its whole secret is in special switches,which when clicked on the mouse button extinguishes the click sound. And they do it very effectively. Described "field trials", which arranged a novelty where the presence of extraneous sound plays a critical role - in recording studios and on television studios. Feedback the noiseless mouse got positive.

Silent mouse
Skeptics, however, are advised to conduct othertests - how long will the switches-silencers lasting operation. Especially in the hands of users who have another habit: instead of clicking on the mouse button, tap it lightly. In this case, such a familiar and familiar "click" will still be heard.

Analysts of IT-technologies, in turn, sigh: everything would be okay, but the noiseless mouse appeared at the very end of the era of these devices. A little more - and with them they say goodbye to sensory gloves and virtual computer controls, "drawn" in augmented reality ...

Still, for a while, computer-quiet mice that are quiet (together with the same keyboard and the most silent system unit) will be in demand.

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