What hides the story Outlast 2

The plot of Outlast 2 is so confused and mysterious,that it is rather difficult to understand even after the complete passage of the game. The fact is that in this adventure there are two stories: one is on the surface, the other one can be revealed if you walk thoughtfully through all the stages. To do this, you should carefully listen to all the dialogues and find hidden notes.

In our small guide you will find a complete analysis of the plot of Outlast 2 and find out what happened in this adventure in fact.

outlast 2 story

Short description

According to the plot of Outlast 2, you play the role ofoperator Blake Langermann, who along with his wife, the reporter Lynn, goes to unravel the mysterious death of the pregnant girl. On approach to the scene, the helicopter crashes near the settlement of radical sectarians. Adherents of the "Temple Gate" clearly went mad, if they interpret the "Word of God" in this way, because all that you see is far from the church canons. Blood, corpses, pulled out intestines, debauchery and lust - this is not a complete list of "acts" of fanatics.

outlast 2 story complete

Preacher Noth and his followers will steal yourwife, accusing her of carrying under the heart of the Antichrist. And if you want to save Lynn, then you need to go in pursuit. In the course of the search, the plot of Outlast 2 will present you with a new unpleasant surprise: at some point the main character will begin to be haunted by hallucinations. And with each turn of events you will cease to understand what is happening in reality, and what is Blake's delirium.

Sad final

After all the horrors through which the plot will holdOutlast 2, you will find your spouse. But Lynn is really pregnant. And you will have to take birth, during which the girl will die. After that, there will be a conversation with Noth who will say that the antichrist was born, and this situation can not be changed. Further, your opponent will cut his throat, and you and the child in their arms will go out into the street. The last thing Blake sees is how the sun "explodes" and the fire burns everything in its path.

outlast 2 plot of the game

The end of the world came, and all were lost, which means,the fanatics were right, and your wife gave birth to antichrist? The answer to this question you get, if you pass the game as closely as possible. But if there is no time to re-pass, and really want to know what really happened, then you can study the explanation of the plot Outlast 2, presented in this guide.

Mysterious phenomena

During the passage you will see several brightflashes in the sky. And each such phenomenon will have a considerable effect on the surrounding reality. For the first time, the flash will cause the helicopter to fall, in the second it will cause eye bleeding in fanatics, and the third will kill all the birds in the district. If you are careful and take a closer look at these phenomena, you will notice that each time they occur in the same place - on the radio tower. So outbreaks are not a natural thing.

If you find a note on the left bank of the lake"Old Wanderer", you will understand that everything that happens in the village is created by the hands of a person. The document refers to the experiment conducted by the corporation "Merkoff", familiar to us on the first part of the game. The radio tower sends a signal that acts on people, causing them to injure themselves and others. Religious fanatics are an excellent material for research, because they are more suggestible than ordinary people. Therefore, the village of hermits becomes a place of experimentation. Even if they kill each other, no one will look for the root cause of this phenomenon, but everything will fall back on their fanaticism.

What are the hallucinations of the hero

The complete storyline of Outlast 2 includes visionsBlake, who pursue him throughout the game. From hallucinations you can understand that as a child, Blake witnessed the murder of his girlfriend Jessica. Apparently, the girl was raped by a priest. To hide the traces of the crime, the principal broke Jessica's neck, and then hung, giving out what was going on for suicide.

story explanation outlast 2

Blake witnessed this, because in one visionhe saw a friend lying on the stairs and the priest, who was bending over her, who began to turn into a monster. After this, the monster repeatedly pursued the main character. And the monster became a projection of his remorse and horror before the loss of a friend, because he could not protect the girl.

Strange child in Outlast 2

The plot of the game presents many puzzles, and one of thethe most difficult is the birth of a child. In the course of the passage, Blake talks about a disagreement with Lynn. So, the main character can not be a father. Lustful Music also denies its involvement in this, and there is no need to lie to the preacher. In addition, the time of his wife's search can not last for 9 months, even if we take into account that Blake often "fell out of reality." Therefore, the simplest explanation: a child is the fruit of the imagination of the protagonist. Under the action of flares, Blake's mind was damaged, and he believed in stories about the coming of Antichrist and began to see hallucinations about pregnancy.

The proof of this theory can be wordsLynn, said after the birth: "There's nothing here." In addition, if you look at the shadow of the hero, you can see that in his hands is empty. What happened to Lynn then? Perhaps she died of wounds or poisoning with mercury. The latest version is more plausible, because intoxication with heavy metals is accompanied by a sharp pain in the abdomen, which became the reason for childbirth in the fantasy of the protagonist.

outlast 2 parsing the plot

What happened in the final

The last thing we see is a bright flash. If we believe in the coming of Antichrist, then the Apocalypse has come. But this version is not particularly plausible, especially if we consider the impact of flares on the brain. Most likely, the corporation "Merkoff" decided to curtail the project and destroy the traces of the experiment, dropping the atomic bomb on the village. And Blake's return to childhood and prayer with Jessica is a kind of paradise that the hero sees before he dies.

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