MDK - decoding in computer games

On the Internet, and also in chat rooms of computer gamesvery often users use a variety of abbreviations that help them express their thoughts faster. This is a very convenient tool, but there is a small problem: an uninitiated person will find it rather difficult to understand what was actually said. After all, you need to have some experience in computer games and Internet technologies to understand this topic. For example, very often among gamers you can find the term MDK, but what does it mean? For the abbreviation MDK decoding can be very diverse, but in this article the most common examples will be given.

MDK Game Series

mdc decryption

First of all, you should pay attention toa fairly popular series of computer games MDK, which has behind him almost twenty years of existence. Of course, it can not be called masterpiece. But these games are still found by their fans. And yet, what is hidden behind the abbreviation of the MDK? Deciphering in this case is quite simple, but no one would have thought of using it. The fact is that behind it are hidden the names of the main characters, for which you have to play. Initially, the game was called Max, Dr. Fluke Hawkins & Kurt, but by the time of release it was decided to reduce the number of characters in the title to a minimum, as a result, only MDK remained. After that, the second part of the game came out, but its name remained unchanged - only got the number 2. Also during the game you will be able to notice a few references to the title. For example, when you play for Kurt, one of the missions will be called Mission: Deliver Kindness, which can also be shortened as MDK. Now for the game MDK decryption is quite understandable, so you can move on to other options.

Mario vs. Donkey Kong

how does the MDC decrypt

There is another game that isMDK. The decoding in this case is quite different - this time the full name of the game sounds like Mario vs. Donkey Kong. As old-school gamers could already guess, here is represented the confrontation of two cult figures of computer games, which were fond of millions of users in the nineties. This project did not receive public recognition, because it could not return the very atmosphere that was so happy players twenty years ago. Well, now you know how to decode the MDC in this case. This is the last game with a similar name, so now it's worth moving on to more general concepts.

Kills in games

which means MDK

A huge number of computer games is tied tothe fact that you need to eliminate your opponents. And if in this case you ask the question about what the MDC means, then you will most likely be told that this is how killing is indicated in the game, especially when it comes to some task. In this case, the abbreviation is Murder, Death, Kill. This reduction is used to identify missions in which you need to eliminate goals, kill everyone at a level and so on.

Other values

Naturally, computer games useThis abbreviation is not limited, so you can continue to study the meanings of these letters. For example, there is a community in the popular VKontakte network, which is called that way. Also this cut was used several times in the music industry - there is also a song with a similar title, and even an entire album. This reduction is also used in the most unusual spheres. For example, there is such a construction crane, as well as a package for software development, distributed on the network for free. Thus, the abbreviation of the MDC does have a lot of meanings, and the most interesting is that they are not related to each other and designate different things, hide behind themselves different words.

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