Blocked windows. What to do?

Windows is a system by which it worksa computer. This sounds simple for the user so that it is clear. When you turn on the computer, this system boots, and when it boots, you can start working. But there are situations when the system does not boot.

Windows is blocked, what should I do? This can happen at different stages. The first stage, this is when the window appeared, with any errors. Often this happens due to improper disconnection of the computer or a sudden power cut. This failure can be fixed only by reinstalling your operating system. If the system does not load into the menu in which you select the user, then perhaps you forgot the password or you have a virus. Recently a special virus has appeared, it does not allow to load the computer and writes messages. They offer you to "throw" money on the account and promise to give a key that will help. It's all a lie. Throw nothing worth it, it is worth reinstalling windows. If the error is determined at the very beginning and you are given a choice of several downloads, then, naturally, choose the last successful session. Whatever the reason, a simple reinstallation of windows often helps, because the operating system has a clogging property, and this also serves as a loading issue.

Blocked windows, what to do if this iswas due to the virus? Reinstall windows, and then, of course, install a good antivirus for you and scan the entire contents of the computer. Usually such viruses are spread via the Internet. If there are Internet connections, then it is best to scan all ports that might be vulnerable. You should also update the antivirus constantly.

Blocked windows, what to do in case of failure? Reinstall the operating system and use it correctly. Or buy an uninterruptible power supply. This is if the problem is due to electricity. But there may be usual malfunctions. You should check that the computer is working in safe mode. To do this, you can log in as administrator. If these methods do not work, then you can take a clean OS and safely reinstall over your broken one.

Blocked windows, what to do on the othercause? Reinstall it or seek help from professionals. Often, errors can occur because of the installed programs that conflict with windows. Go and remove them from the "administrator" can be a solution to this problem.

How many times can I reinstall windows? Any amount, because it's a software product. Windows, like any program, can be reinstalled any number of times. Naturally, when reinstalling, you need to restore all programs, and this is very inconvenient. Therefore, frequent reinstallation is also not recommended. For example, Windows SP3, usually works up to a year in normal mode. If the operating system is used every day, then rearranging programs or working with files of it can clog.

The computer was blocked, what should I do? It is necessary to find out the reason. If it is a system file, then the reinstallation of the operating system can usually help. If the cause is hardware, then the computer may be worth checking in the service center. If the reason is incorrect password entry, you can either reinstall the system, or go under "administrator" and change the password. If the password is also on the BIOS, then it is more difficult, you need to pull out the battery in the BIOS and the password is reset.

The computer can not work without an operating theatersystem. you can install any OS: Windows, Mac OS, Linux, but remember that they will also need to be monitored and occasionally reinstalled. Stable operation of the system can improve the performance of your personal computer in general.

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