How to combine photos: three tools with different levels of complexity

Funny compositions, montage, beautifulpanoramas - all this requires knowledge of how to combine photos, two or more, into one. Naturally, we can assume that in such a variety of graphic editors it is quite possible to find a program that will specialize only on one process - gluing frames. However, the utility with such a narrow profile has not yet visited the idea of ​​the developer's head, although in modern times it would be very useful. Therefore, everyone has to choose among the editors what is most suitable. Consider three programs that differ in the complexity of their operation and are able to combine photos.

how to combine photos
If the user is familiar with the Adobe editorPhotoshop, then it will not hesitate for a while with the choice. Everyone knows that this utility is the leader in its field, but at the same time it is the most complex tool in such a matter as gluing the staff. Consider how to combine photos with this editor. To start, you need to start the program, find the "File" icon and click the "Create" button in this menu. In the appeared window it will be necessary to specify the expected sizes. Then open the user folder where all the photos are stored, and transfer them one by one to the background image that was created just now. After you need to move the frames at the user's will, that is, place them where they should be after the work is completed. You can change the size or scale of the pictures, crop them. All this procedure should be repeated as many times as the photos were planned to be combined, naturally, placing them on the right places. The gluing is completed by saving.
join photos

When in practice, the user has a question about how to combine photos,
many times, but the skills to work inAdobe Photoshop it does not yet have, the Photoscape program is perfect. After launching it, click on the "Combination" icon. A window opens where you want to transfer the pictures. This is done in exactly the same way as in the previous version. On the right side, the user will be offered ways to place frames, but they are not distinguished by such a variety, as in Photoshop. But for acquaintance and simple combinations they are quite suitable. As in the previous version, the gluing of photos is completed by saving the file.

gluing photos together
If the user decided to just tryyou can use the Picasa utility. After opening the program, you must select the photos that you plan to compose, and here they are not dragged, you have to specify the path to them. At the bottom of the editor window, these frames will appear in a reduced form. Next, the user will have to start processing the selected elements, and a set of built-in tools for this, unfortunately, is small. But for testing or familiarization, he is more than sufficient. After the processing is finished, you need to click the "Create a collage" button. Here in the appeared window are available such functions as background change, the location of frames and their angle of inclination. That is, the work with photos continues. After it is completed, you need not forget to click on the "Save Collage" button, otherwise all the work will go wrong.

Knowing how to combine photos and what programsat the same time it should be used, a person can create his own small masterpieces. They do not have to be laid out in social networks. Such collages can be printed on large posters, create from them wallpaper or just give a friend.

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