Information support is the basis of all the foundations

In general, information support is a collectioninformation for various purposes. In a dynamically developing environment, providing an enterprise with information is a very important aspect that helps a firm to compete successfully in the market.

Structure of providing the enterprise with informationconsists in its collection, analysis and further application in the management of the organization. Qualitatively collected information from all structural units helps the company to operate smoothly. In addition, the most complete information support allows the company to make the most accurate long-term planning and identify the best business strategy.

In order for information to be as efficient as possible, options for its implementation should be considered.

1. Out-of-computer information support - hierarchically ordered documents are stored on paper carriers. The document is the basis of the non-machine information base. They are grouped by date and by the most convenient for storage of information signs (each enterprise can group data in its own way). This method is convenient, but rather laborious. It is very difficult to change something or group it not according to the prearranged signs.

2. Intra-machine information support - documents are stored electronically. Such a dataware device allows you to store and modify information, and to adjust or create new links between documents. But this is possible if the files form a database, and not locally "scattered" over the computer.

Information support of marketing -an integral part of the marketing policy of the organization. It allows you to determine consumer preferences, characterize target markets, identify weaknesses of competitors.

information support of marketing

Accounting for "marketing" information is conducted throughdrawing up of schedules, tables, sheets. All collected information is collected in a holistic system, where it is grouped according to the main characteristics. In electronic form, all this is much easier, because very much for a person makes a machine. Therefore, in order to save time and human resources, the database of marketing research is rationally maintained on the computer.

Information Support

For convenient perception of information by both the person and the machine, special classifiers of the description of marketing information supply are created. They are part of the Unified Classification and Coding System.

It is very important to carefully form the incominginformation, because Possible errors can nullify all the works. In view of the fact that progress does not stand still, it is necessary to constantly modernize the existing automated system in order to optimize information resources and to simplify the work as much as possible, and to reduce the likelihood of making mistakes.

information support is

Effective organization management is impossiblewithout the use of an information base, and qualified specialists will help in the collection and analysis of data. Thus, the information support of the enterprise will facilitate the adoption of well-considered and deliberate decisions on its further functioning.

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