Review of the game "Doom 3". Codes for doors and cabinets

A modern gamer probably metuniverse "Doom" through the eponymous remake of the old school series of shooters. "Doom 3" is a game that many have been waiting for and which has been able to win encouragement from players of different ages. The plot tells of a brave Marine, who had a hard time destroying hell creatures right on the planet Mars. If you are familiar with the original series, you know perfectly well about the hype and about the popularity that surrounded Doom. The game was almost swept from the shelves of all stores, and its ratings were located in every top of any game publication.

Doom 3 codes for doors and cabinets

Today we will tell you about the remake, and also give you the codes to the doors and cabinets in the game "Doom 3".

A bit about the plot

Keeping the spirit of the original, the remake does not change itself inthe choice of the main character - the players still take on the role of a brutal space paratrooper. The new "Doom 3" managed to bring many innovations, while still retaining the old charm. The plot looks much more thoughtful, the game has a lot of cut scenes, scripted moments, as well as a large number of flashbacks in the form of clips and other references.

The main character hires a research base,in need of an experienced security guard. On this base, located on the planet Mars, secret experiments are conducted. Upon arrival, our hero is given all the necessary outfits, a brief briefing (+ some codes to the doors and cabinets in "Doom 3"), and the first important mission is to find the missing employee of the research laboratory. The scientist, after we find him, begins to carry incomprehensible nonsense about hell, monsters and evil. But we can not learn anything more than we do - the poor man suddenly becomes a zombie, and we have to deal with him. In parallel with this incident, a real invasion of monsters is taking place on the base. What is left for us? Reload the pistol and go shoot off the uninvited guests!

Doom 3 codes for the doors

What about the gameplay?

Since the moment the light came out the last partsthe original series, the gameplay of the shooters underwent a series of large-scale changes. All this led to the fact that the gameplay "Doom 3" took the expected step forward and markedly changed.

But to begin with, what has not changed?Shooting from the first person remained unchanged. Here, as in the predecessors, in order to kill the enemy, it is enough to hold down one key. However, if earlier this process was a kind of horizontal shooting gallery, now we have a full-scale "horror for survival". By focusing on the atmosphere, the developers have significantly reduced the overall pace of the game. That crazy dynamics with which the main character moved, disappeared, and instead of it came the need for accurate and timely attacks. Hedgehogs of hell can now wait for any angle, so the player needs full attention and lightning reaction.

Each subsequent level of the game is different fromprevious. Due to the fact that the monsters invaded the security system, most of the hatches and ammo boxes were blocked. To open them, you need the codes.

Doom game 3 codes for doors and cabinets

Secrets of "Doom 3" and codes to doors and cabinets

Here are the secret codes:

  • 3-9-6 opens cabinet 001;
  • 4-8-3 comes to the door numbered 003;
  • 7-5-2 opens office 009;
  • 5-8-6 comes to office 013;
  • 3-4-7 opens 017;
  • 5-3-1 comes to the door numbered 023;
  • 4-0-9 comes to the cabinet 038;
  • 1-0-2 approaches the office 039;
  • 1-2-3 code to the cabinet 047;
  • 1-2-3 opens the door 048;
  • 1-2-3 comes to the cabinet 049;
  • 1-4-2 opens the doors 054;
  • 2-4-6 opens the doors 054;
  • 9-7-2 opens the cabinet 063;
  • 5-7-9 comes to 104;
  • 5-3-8 comes to 112;
  • 7-1-5 comes to the door number 114;
  • 9-7-2 opens the doors 116;
  • 6-2-4 opens the doors 117;
  • 2-9-8 - the code to the office 210;
  • 2-9-8 comes to the door number 215;
  • 6-9-2 goes to the office 216;
  • 6-2-4 - the code to the cabinet 217;
  • 8-3-6 comes to the door number 386;

Here you can find the basic codes for the doors and cupboards "Doom 3". If you could not find this or that code, then you can search it on thematic forums.

Additional codes

The code 9-3-1 goes to the Abrams office.
Code 1-4-2 is appropriate for the second cabinet 054.
Code 6-2-4 is appropriate for the second cabinet.
Code 5-8-4 opens the weapons storage chamber; codes to the doors and cabinets "Doom 3", compartments 1 & 2.

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