Asus M4A77TD: specifications, instruction in English

In the market of computer motherboardsthe famous Taiwanese manufacturer ASUS in the arsenal of many interesting products. A brand that is popular all over the world knows how to attract attention with affordable cost and high quality. In this article, the reader will get acquainted with the Asus M4A77TD motherboard designed for building a gaming platform. Overview and specifications of the device will allow users to better know the interesting novelty that appeared on the domestic market.

Product positioning

Officially, the manufacturer placed its product inbudget segment. This decision was called by many fans in their reviews logical, since the device was created using the cheap chip AMD 770. But the form factor of the motherboard Asus M4A77TD relates the product to the gaming niche.

Asus M4A77TD

On the large potential of the device can be judged bytwo PCIex16 buses that support CrossFire mode, as well as slots for fast RAM installation. In addition, the motherboard is equipped with all the necessary interfaces for building a multimedia platform, both for home and professional use.

First meeting

The Asus M4A77TD motherboard comes in aA huge box and has an excellent complete set. Many users, seeing all the necessary interface cables, were pleasantly surprised, because not every manufacturer can afford such a luxury.

Asus M4A77TD Specifications

The second pleasant moment for all ownersthere was the presence of solid capacitors on the motherboard. Let the manufacturer and did not completely abandon the electrolytic elements, but in the processor power system, modern tanks are installed, which are not afraid of overheating.

The only thing that the technologists did not bother withcompany - is about the strength of textolite in the motherboard. A huge ATX device can easily be damaged when mounted in a casing, or at the time of installing a processor or expansion cards. There are not many options here - you need to carefully connect.

Official representative in Russia

The Asus M4A77TD motherboard has an instruction manual forin Russian. This is great news, both for overclockers, and for ordinary users who want to customize the system to their needs. The manual details the algorithm for mounting and connecting the motherboard to the system unit - the device owner must strictly follow the manufacturer's recommendations to avoid physical damage to the textolite.

motherboard Asus M4A77TD

Do not neglect the instruction and in the processconnection of expansion cards. The fact is that this product does not have protection against incorrect connection of USB ports - by reversing the polarity on the board, many owners can burn worn memory modules without the possibility of recovery.

Basic parameters

The main feature for which you are purchasingusers motherboard Asus M4A77TD - characteristics. There is something to be surprised even by demanding customers. The fact that the device supports the simultaneous operation of 8 hard drives, which can be connected to different interfaces (SATA, IDE and PCIex1). In fact, the motherboard unites several generations of hard drives that have been released for two decades.

Asus M4A77TD user guide

As for the processors, there are somecomplications - the manufacturer provided support only to the socket AM3 (Phenom II / Athlon II / Sempron). The only advantage here is the heat package, which is limited to 160 watts. With the operational memory, all the owners of the device were lucky - the dual-channel DDR3 bus has 4 connectors, allows to install 64 GB of RAM and supports fast DDR3-1800 (O.C.) modules.

Expansion cards

I'm glad that the manufacturer thought of arrangingPCIex1 slot over the south bridge. When installing a video card, the port for connecting the SSD-disk will not be overlapped by the cooling system, as it happens with competitors. There are also three PCI slots on the Asus M4A77TD motherboard. Their characteristics are identical, and there is no possibility to configure bandwidth in the BIOS. But, as practice shows, this is already unimportant, because when you install the video adapter, the PCI slots overlap with the video adapter cooler. As a result, it is unclear why the manufacturer installed these interfaces on the board.

motherboard Asus M4A77TD specifications

Two PCIex16 slots support mode operationCrossFire, but here everything is not as good as many game lovers would like. The upper slot is capable of operating in the "x16" mode, while the lower slot is limited to the data transfer rate "x4". A non-serious approach to the buyer, because this factor affects the performance of the system in gaming applications.

No restrictions

Will like the future owner and rangeports, which the manufacturer provided its product Asus M4A77TD. The operating instructions assure the user that any peripheral can be connected to a personal computer. The combined PS / 2 interface supports the mouse and keyboard, the COM port allows you to connect multimedia devices, and the LPT port - office equipment. There are modern USB and e-SATA connectors. The integrated network card and 8-channel sound complement the motherboard with functionality.

It is clear that the manufacturer took care of the workvideo systems, providing a platform with two PCIex16 slots, but there is no integrated video controller on the board. But the device is positioned by ASUS in a budget class. Yes, the IEEE 1394 interface is not very popular in Russia, but speaking about the full support of the entire periphery, the manufacturer had to install this connector on the motherboard.

Features of the electrical circuit

To the advantages of the motherboard Asus M4A77TDusers attribute a well thought-out power supply system that not only copes with powerful components, but also is able to save electricity in idle mode. The enthusiast does not have to worry about overheating the system when overclocking the processor and memory modules - the intelligent system perfectly balances the load.

Asus M4A77TD user guide in English

But the negative feedback deserves a stabilizerpower processor. The fact is that the electric power is supplied to it via the 4-pin ATX12V connector. The large dissipated power of the processor (140-160 watts) and one power line can lead to a 12-volt line fire from the power supply if the wire has a small cross section. Naturally, the user needs a proprietary power supply for proper operation, which supports the appropriate load on the ATX12V line.


Asus M4A77TD motherboard together withadvantages and there are a number of shortcomings, which can not simply not pay attention to the owner. Accordingly, potential buyers have a lot of questions to the manufacturer regarding flaws related to problems in building a gaming platform based on this motherboard. However, all claims are unreasonable, because the product was initially positioned in a budget class, and it is impossible to count on its potential.

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