Choosing cooling for a laptop

At the very beginning of the usage guidelaptop can be faced with an inscription that contains information that it should not be put when working on soft surfaces, cloth, on your knees, closing the ventilation holes. In general, you can not block air access to the ventilation of the device. Here we also face the question of why you need extra cooling for your laptop at all? Is not the system installed directly in it efficient enough? Is the manufacturer able to release a product that has not been tested in the most severe operating conditions? There is an answer. Laptops work, but they heat up for a long and serious load, and sometimes very much.

Cooling for a laptop in action

What happens to the laptop when it heats up?Hot air rises through the keyboard, simultaneously heating the surface of the touchpad. After a long load, the cooling system for laptops can make a lot of noise. The temperature of the hard drive is rapidly approaching the critical mark, which significantly affects the working resource of the drive, making the probability of breakage more and more significant.

Computers are warming a very long time, respectively, the market has already reacted by the appearance of a mass of effective means for cooling the main components:

- cooling by air through powerful coolers;

- liquid cooling systems;

- a system of phase transition, which some call "freon";

- passive systems on heat pipes.

All these tools are inappropriate foruse in laptops, because the size of portable computers are small enough. There is so little space inside the case that it is not possible to place any additional cooling device. For this reason, it also happens that the cooling for laptops began to produce in the form of stand-alone stands.

When working with a laptop many put underhis discs or pencils, trying to increase the gap between him and the table, providing additional airflow to the ventilation holes. It is on this principle and based some suggestions from manufacturers offering their own versions of the stands. For example, Targus, which is known for its laptop bags, offers a stand that improves cooling for the laptop and places the keyboard under some slope. This solution is widely appreciated as an ergonomic and convenient solution. The stand is able to rotate on a fixed platform, which is very convenient for briefing or presentation.

The most common variantis the use of additional fans. Stand in the form of a tablet is placed under the laptop itself. Such devices are usually equipped with a pair or two pairs of coolers, ensuring the flow of cold flow directly to the bottom of the laptop, which allows for effective cooling for the laptop. They are powered by the USB port, but there are also models equipped with their own power supply, made in the form of an external adapter. Such stands are often complemented by interfaces in the form of different ports, which is very convenient. Most often, the stands have a speed controller, which allows you to choose the most comfortable mode of operation.

You can list the main advantages of the stands:

- effective cooling of system components;

- thanks to them, the laptop can be placed on a soft surface without fear of overheating;

- most often, the stands are not only for their intended purpose, but also are a beautiful accessory with an original design, which quite effectively complements the appearance of the laptop;

- usually the stand is equipped with additional ports and a card reader, which is also very convenient.

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