Google Chrome: "This option is enabled by the administrator" - how do I clear the error?

As you know, promotion of anyinformation resources, especially if they are purely promotional, is a rather difficult task. Therefore, some developers go to all sorts of tricks, creating new search engines, which, from the point of view of computer security, represent the most real malware. In this case it is a question of that some such elements are built in browsers spontaneously.

chrome this option is enabled by the administrator

At the same time in the same "Chrome" when trying to change the search tool by default, the message "This parameter is enabled by the administrator" may appear.

Search engines that have been installedinitially, change. But the most sad thing is that to disable the installed search by standard actions in the browser settings is almost impossible. So you can not even try, it still will not give an effect. But what should I do? First, we'll figure out what the problem is in general.

What is a bug in the Google Chrome browser "This option is enabled by the administrator"?

Not to mention the huge variety of such malicious software, among all the "innovations", it's worth mentioning a search engine called

this option is enabled by the chrome administrator how to remove

It just has its main goal of full integration into the Chrome browser. And when you try to change the settings, you'll get a notification that in the Chrome settings this parameter is enabled by the administrator.How to remove the appearance of this message? We will have to apply the most cardinal methods. Antiviruses or determinants of advertising modules in this situation are powerless. But in Windows-based systems you can use the built-in tools. It's about the command console and the system registry editor.

Why does the message "This option is enabled by the administrator" appear (Chrome Browser)?

In theory, if the user sees on hiscomputer, this notification means only that the system for the browser has been drastically changed settings at the administrator level. Do not confuse your own administrator account, with a super administrator, who by default has a higher priority for changing system settings in Windows 7 and higher.

Probably, many people know that in order to fulfillSome actions in such systems sometimes need to use the PKM menu with the choice of the application start line on behalf of the admin. This is the super administrator. But malware can act through such a record.

Antiviruses in this case do not work because,that the higher priority of actions is used, and in the majority such programs at penetration into the system have the status of trusted ones (antivirus software is quite enough to miss the threat).

Troubleshooting options

But we are a little distracted from the topic.Considering the question of how to remove "this option is enabled by the administrator" in the Chrome Browser, you could, of course, offer the use of the Group Policy Editor, but standard procedures do not always work. In addition, actions with the command line and the system registry are both faster and more efficient.

Thus, if an error "Thisthe option is enabled by the administrator "(Chrome suffers from this in the first place), you will first have to register several commands in the console, and then check the settings in the system registry.

Using the command line

Now directly about the actions with the commandconsole. We have a situation when there is an error "this option is enabled by the administrator" (Chrome is used or another browser, in this case it does not matter):

  • The command line must be called exclusivelyon behalf of the administrator, for example, through the main menu, from the "Explorer" (cmd.exe file in the System32 folder) or from the "Run" menu (Win + R) by entering the cmd reduction.

malicious by

  • The first is the command to delete Group Policy settings for all users: RD / S / Q "% WinDir% System32GroupPolicyUsers". After entering it, the Enter key is pressed.
  • The second command that removes the same parameters for the selected local user looks like this: RD / S / Q "% WinDir% System32GroupPolicy". After it is pressed again Enter.
  • Finally, you use the command to completely update Group Policy settings: gpupdate / force.

After all three commands have been executed, you need to call the browser and see if the error "this parameter is enabled by the administrator" has disappeared (we consider Chrome simply as an example).

Actions with the system registry

If the problem has not been resolved, you will have to use the Registry Editor, which is called through the "Run" console, by entering the line regedit. By the way, it is here that you can make a maximum of settings that for ordinary Windows tools are not available.

Now the decision itself:

  • In the editor, you need to pay attention to the HKLM branch and, going down the directory tree through SOFTWARE and Policies, find the Google folder in which the Chrome directory is located.

google this option is enabled by the administrator

  • In the right part of the editor we are interested in two keys: DefaultSearchProviderEnabled and DefaultSearchProviderSearchURL.
  • Double-clicking on each of them brings up the editing window.
  • The first parameter in the value graph must be set to zero, for the second one, simply delete all the contents of this field, in each case, saving the changes by clicking the "OK" button.
  • To make the changes have an effect, the entire system must be rebooted.

In theory, after this, the error message will no longer appear.

search engines this option is enabled by the administrator

Yes, just in case, through the properties of the labelbrowser in the line of the path to the executable file, check if anything else is written there. After the EXE extension, nothing else should be there. If there is something all the same, just delete all unnecessary and save the changes.

Summary results

As we see, the correction of such an unpleasant situationnothing particularly complicated does not represent itself. Pay attention only to the fact that both the command console and the registry editor should be run exclusively on behalf of the administrator. Otherwise, either the settings will not be applied due to lack of necessary rights, or get the most common denial of access.

Returning to group policies (settingswhich actually changed), it remains to note that it is impossible to perform actions on the command line by analogy in the editor itself. But the registry, in comparison with the policy editor has a higher priority on changing system parameters. So it's absolutely pointless to use the settings of the policy editor in this case.

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