The drive does not see the drive: what's the reason and what to do?

Here's how it happens: arrange a day off, buy an interesting film, prepare everything you need for a romantic date, call your favorite girl. And suddenly, even not yet begun a wonderful evening will turn into a real problem - the drive of the computer completely refuses to read any media. So, if the drive does not see the drive, what should I do? Firstly - do not worry. The cause of this problem is not so much to repair the computer all day. Secondly - to get comfortable and get ready to read this material. The article contains the most frequent problems that negatively affect the work of the drive, as well as the ways to solve them.

the drive does not see the disk

The first solution to the problem

Let's start with the easiest - from the settings of autorun. They can easily get down, but they are unable to return to the original parameters on their own. If the drive does not see the disk because of them, the user's task is much easier. After all, the problem can be eliminated in just a few seconds: you need to go to "My Computer", right-click the shortcut to the drive and click on "Properties." In the appeared menu go to autorun and already there for a couple of clicks the mouse solve the problem with the idle drive. After carrying out these simple actions, you do not have to restart the computer, since new parameters are applied instantly.

What else can cause?

The second trifle, which, incidentally, can alsoTo prevent the drive from working stably is an unconnected drive in the device manager. In this case, you only need to turn it on: you can do it with one click. But it is important to know exactly where the necessary button is located. In the menu of the above dispatcher, it is located in the window "application of devices". By the way, it's important to first see if the drive is turned on and only then change something there. Otherwise, you can turn off the "formally" working drive, putting this action in jeopardy the success of all further attempts to heal the computer.

the drive does not see the drive what to do
If the above manipulations did not help, do notyou need to hurry to exit the device manager. In his menu, you can perform one more operation that can help in solving the problem with the drive. It is possible that the drive does not work just because something happened to its driver. To verify this, you need to completely remove the installed driver: you can do it all in the same device manager. Once it is safely removed, you will need to restart the computer. Booting again, the system will help the user to download from the Internet and install a new driver. If after that the drive does not see the disk as before, it will be necessary to proceed to more decisive actions.

Let's rummage in the register

If the drive is working, but does not see the drives,The problem can be in programs designed to create images, if those, of course, were once installed on the computer. Such programs sometimes leave completely unnecessary "traces" in the registry, which are easy to delete, but it is problematic to find. It would be much easier to return to a certain point of system recovery, when the drive was still running and successfully performed its tasks. By the way, many users make a mistake when they remove the programs that have harmed themselves, and not the culprits of the problems "registered" in the registry. Help to clean the system of unnecessary "debris" can program CCleaner, which is one of the most popular programs for optimizing the computer. Although it does not fix the drive, it will make the process of its repair as quick and comfortable as possible.

The drive works, but does not see the drives

Are the lines to blame?

A lot of "climbed on the system, very tired andwant to relax? You will have such a chance right now, and without damaging the time of computer repair. The fact that the drive can refuse to work for the reason that the loops that connect it to the motherboard have gone. In this case, you need to disassemble the system unit. And there already disconnect and reconnect all the cables leading from the drive to the PC. If the user understands poorly in "all these strange glands", he does not need to disassemble anything at all - it's better to attract people who can find the necessary trains and carry out the necessary actions correctly. The same advice should be given to the lucky owners of laptops - do not try to fix something where nothing is clear! Make sure that the problem is in the lost contact in the BIOS: if the drive is not displayed, then you may have come close to solving the problem. By the way, wandering through the BIOS menu, absolutely nothing there not understanding, is also not worth it - you can lose the system.

why the drive does not see the disk

User, help yourself!

Asking the question:why the drive does not see the disk, people often completely forget that the problem can be in the system itself. If this is the case, you will need to install various antivirus programs in sequence and scan the system for vulnerabilities. By the way, not only specialized programs for viruses can help. Successfully searches for the vulnerability of the system and immediately eliminates the Advanced System Care program, which can optimize the system between tasks.

Cleaning the drive: why it is needed

Tested all ways to solve the problem, anddrive does not see the drive so far? Perhaps he was just very dusty. Independently disassemble and clean it is not recommended. It is better to buy a special cleaning disk, which due to the availability of special cleaning brushes can do its job very high quality. It is important, when purchasing it, to pay attention to the softness of cleaning devices - too hard, inflexible brushes can scratch the laser of the drive.

cd drive does not see disk

One problem and one solution!

If the CD-drive does not see the disk,that he just does not support him. In order for the computer to play absolutely all the discs, you need to buy a multi-drive. Nothing helps to eliminate the problem that the drive does not see the disk, despite numerous attempts to "cure" it? Then just make sure that the problem is in it and go to the store for a new drive. Nowadays, thanks to the rapidly developing technologies, you can buy a high-speed, high-tech drive: it will please its owner not only by what works, but also by the fast recording speed.

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