Details on how to pass the level of "Treasures of Pirates" - 1066

The game "Treasures of the Pirates" now hastremendous popularity, as it is used not only in social networks, but also download applications and mobile devices. If you managed to pass more than one thousand levels, then you have the right to call yourself a real professional. Of course, in order to reach such a mark, it will take a considerable amount of time. Without wit, you can not do. Today we decided to talk about how to pass the level of "Treasures of pirates" - 1066. Many players hang on it.


how to pass the level of pirates treasure 1066
In fact, to pass this level is not so difficult,but for this you will need to know the basic rules, otherwise you will not be able to achieve success in this matter for a long time. Today we decided to reveal a secret to you and tell you how to pass the level of "Pirates Treasure" - 1066!


At this stage, there are several basiccomplexities and the most important of them is the web. It gradually fills the cells of the playing field. The first thing you need to do is to get rid of the web, but if you do not, then in the future it will seriously disturb you.


treasure pirates 1066 level how to go
So, let's now reveal the main secrets anddescribe how to pass the level of "Treasure of Pirates" - 1066. You can overcome this stage if two stars are crossed, and all installed chips are broken on the playing field. For some players, the question of how to pass the level of "Pirate Treasure" - 1066, seems almost impossible, but if you act correctly, then you can win without much difficulty. When you manage to get rid of the web, you must immediately look for combinations that will help you remove all the chips. We hope that in the next stages you will not be forced to play such a difficulty game "Treasures of the Pirates". 1066 level how to go, we described above. The whole secret is speed.

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