What is the name of the program for creating presentations? Description of programs for creating presentations

When raising the question of what is calledprogram for creating presentations, most people, undoubtedly, have an association with the famous Microsoft PowerPoint program. It is designed to create materials of different shapes that can be presented to the target audience using a projector.

Main characteristics

Program for creating PowerPoint presentationscan create an accompanying report, both informational and commercial. Slides can be used in the presentation using different templates, color text, pictures, illustrations, tables, graphs, diagrams, videos, links to web pages, and various spectacular transitions between slides. In addition to this, it is also possible to create animated captions and add sound. And this is not a complete list of features that this program has for creating presentations.

what is the program for creating presentations

Windows is the main operating system that is designed to use this product, but to date, PowerPoint can also be used on other operating systems.

Basic functions

As for what the program is called forcreating presentations, in most cases it's just about PowerPoint, and it's not surprising, because for many years of its existence this program has managed to gain recognition around the world. Last but not least, this is explained by the ease of use and a clear interface, which even a very experienced user may not understand.

powerpoint presentation software

The program allows you to create fully automated presentations using various multimedia elements, without having any programming knowledge.


The level of demonstration of information directly depends on which program for creating presentations was used. PowerPoint in this respect is characterized by a number of characteristic features:

  • All slides in the program are numbered, which makes it easy to edit the presentation.
  • If necessary, the program provides functions that allow the presentation to be printed on paper, sent by mail or easily connected to a standard projector.
  • Each slide has additional editing capabilities: background, font color, structure, and so on.

How do I start the program?

Even without knowing how the program is called forcreating presentations, it can be easily found on almost every personal computer, since in most cases the office software package from Microsoft goes together with the PC. To do this, you only need to find the program either with shortcuts that are on the desktop, or through the "Start" menu. If the user has already applied Word, then PowerPoint probably is somewhere nearby, because both programs are provided by Microsoft.

program for creating windows presentations

The program for creating presentations after launch will prompt you to select the desired mode of operation, which will depend on the purpose for which the presentation is prepared.

Principle of operation

After launching the program will launch a dialog box in which the following modes of operation will be presented:

  • Use of standard templates. Allows you to select a ready-made workpiece for work that includes a specific slide design, its structure, and the font size and color.
  • Master of autocontainment. This option allows you to choose a presentation using the standard structure. With this method, you can easily prepare a draft version of the presentation, in which you can then add all the necessary elements.
  • Blank presentation. In this mode, there are no blanks, and the final result will depend only on the imagination and skill of the author.

Program Modes

For the convenience of the user, PowerPoint hasA clear interface consisting of the most basic elements that a presentation program should have. "Microsoft" offers two options for the operating mode:

  • The "Slides" mode, in which the main part of the window is occupied by a slide, over which the user is working, and in the left corner the reduced versions of all others are displayed.
  • The "Structure" mode. In this version, the user can work with a hierarchical presentation structure, where headings, slide texts and other similar elements will be visible.

 microsoft program for creating presentations

Structure of the program

PowerPoint has the following structure:

  • Work area where the slide is located, on which the user is currently working.
  • Area of ​​notes. It is located below the working area, its records are visible only to the user and are not displayed at the general presentation.
  • The area of ​​the slide structure. Here are reduced copies of all slides of the presentation.
  • Menu. Allows you to work with all the important commands of the program.
  • Toolbar. As the name suggests, this element includes all the necessary commands that can be executed with the presentation.
  • Preview button. Allows you to start the slide show in the form in which it will be presented in front of the audience.

program for creating Microsoft presentations

Alternative programs for creating presentations

In addition to the proposal from the Microsoft Office suite, there are other possibilities for creating presentations:

- Google Docs. The application works quickly and is very simple indevelopment. In order to get started, you just need to register in Gmail, log in to your account and select the "Disc" menu, which, in addition to the text editor, offers an excellent program for creating presentations. Unlike many other utilities, Google Docs works with different presentation formats, including PPT and PPTX, which Microsoft also supports. This allows you to easily edit presentations created in other programs. The presentation created by the user is stored on a special server from Google Corporation. Thus, you can access it from virtually any computer that is connected to the World Wide Web.

- SlideRocket. This program is paid, but offersFree version with use of smaller volume for one presentation. Unlike the previous service, it has a lot more additional functions and different effects. Allows you to use different types of multimedia in the presentation and combine them in interesting ways

- Prezi. One of the most unusual and original programsto create presentations. Unlike previous applications that use slides, in this version, all information is as if placed on one large sheet. Thanks to the effect of zoom, various movements and coups, the virtual presentation window jumps from one element to another with amazing transitions. To date, this service is used by about 50 million people. In Europe, this is undoubtedly the most popular program for creating presentations. It is used in state institutions, large corporations and in educational institutions of various types.

what program for creating presentations

As soon as the question arises about what is calleda program for creating presentations, many come to mind a well-known application of the corporation "Microsoft" PowerPoint. Despite this, to date there are other resources that perform this function. They allow you to quickly and accurately create a presentation using different styles, effects and multimedia. In the presentation, you can use text, pictures, graphics, diagrams, videos and much more.

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