An error in the operation of the file ntdll.dll: how to fix it?

Quite often, especially in Windows 7, it happenssuch that some programs do not finish work spontaneously. The message output by the system indicates the name of the failed module ntdll.dll. Few people know what it is, and what is the reason for the appearance of such mistakes.

Reasons for the error of the library ntdll.dll

Error related to the violation of thislibrary, can manifest itself in two ways. Typically, most often just a message appears about the abnormal termination of an application (even the standard "Explorer" Windows).

ntdll dll

If you click on the "Show problem details" button, the ntdll.dll file is listed in the description.

the name of the failed ntdll dll module

In the second case, the error can occur in the formline on a blue screen, which is very frightening to many users, because they think that this is the so-called "death screen". This is not quite true. However, now it does not matter.

The main reason for such failures isinstalling obsolete software (most often games), which either changes the file ntdll.dll, or simply replaces it. What else can I do to fix the problem?

Error in the file ntdll.dll: how to fix it?

Among the main ways to correct such errorsThere are several options. The most effective are restoring the system to its original state, when the error does not appear, replacing the library file ntdll.dll and using the advanced compatibility mode (this applies to Windows 7, 8 and 10 systems). Let's consider each of them.

System Restore

Access to the recovery options is made through the "Control Panel" using the "Backup and Restore" section.

ntdll dll how to fix

Here you will need to display all the points,previously remembering when the problem appeared. At the end of the process, the system will restore the requested file, and also delete the program that affected its functionality.

Loading the original file

However, there is a simpler version. So, for example, for each assembly of the original Windows Segmenton on the Internet, you can find a lot of links to download the original library ntdll.dll, taken from the "clean" system immediately after installation.

ntdll dll

Everything is simple. First, you need to download the file to the computer, and then integrate it into the system (the System32 folder in the Windows root directory).

Using compatibility mode when running programs

In some cases, the problem may occur on Windows 7, 8 and 10 systems when running applications that are designed exclusively for Windows XP.

the name of the failed ntdll dll module

Here you need to use the compatibility parameterswhen executing the program executable (.exe), which is accessed through the properties menu, called by the right click. It is enough in the mode field to select the required version or assembly of Windows OS, even with the specified service packs, and also use the option to run the program on behalf of the administrator.

Other methods

Sometimes, if the above methods do not help, you can try to disable the Application Compatibility Assistant service or the User Account Control service. In most cases this is not required.

However, this problem can be observed atprocessors such as Intel Core i3-i5, and according to many experts and users, to fix the situation does not work at all. Well, there's nothing you can do - you'll have to reinstall the entire system.

Of course, you can try to use sucha software product like DLL Suite or DLL-Files Fixer, but the only thing you can achieve is the usual loading of the dynamic library on the computer (albeit immediately with the integration in the right place).

Finally, it remains to add that recoverysystem is, in the opinion of many, the most preferred method. If you want to use the software for XP, it's better to enable compatibility mode or simply to find a version designed to work in newer "operating systems" (even 32-bit for systems with 64-bit architecture).

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