How to choose an inkjet or laser printer? Make the right choice for yourself!

The thought of man is capable of much, that's whyalmost from scratch, complicated mechanisms and other devices were created that help us in our daily lives. Scientific progress is moving in huge steps, so now almost every home has a personal computer, about which about 30 years ago everyone had only occasionally to hear. Whatever you say today, a third of the population of our planet, one way or another, is confronted with a computer in everyday life.

A computer can work with different kinds ofinformation and display it on the screen, nevertheless, it is thanks to the printer that photos, text, drawings and tables appear on paper. The word print is taken by us from English and literally means the word seal. In addition to paper, the printer, that is, the printer, prints easily on a plastic or DVD disc, the image you select.

In the market of computer hardware and electronicsA huge number of printers, differing among themselves in types and types. Therefore involuntarily the question arises: "And what printer to take?". HP, Canon, Samsung, Epson, Panasonic, KONICA MINOLTA and Xerox - these are the best manufacturers of printing printing, which will serve you long and high quality. In order not to be frightened of this issue, let us consider a small classification of printing devices.

Types of printers and their characteristics

Whatever one may say, the most among people,using a computer are common: a matrix, inkjet or laser printer. Nevertheless, in this battle for the palm tree, the dot matrix printer will not fall under any circumstances, because the inkjet or laser printer is ten times better, more economical and more productive than its matrix progenitor.

For the first time, the word "printer" was usedthanks to the first Japanese matrix device published in the sixties of the twentieth century. The printing process was as follows: the head with the needles was superimposed on the ink ribbon, and text appeared on the paper. Matrix printers went out of fashion due to several drawbacks: poor quality of printed material, low speed of the printing itself and very strong noise.

All matrix printer errors wereanalyzed, as a result of which the world saw their inkjet analogues. Such printers quickly gained popularity in the computer hardware markets. The principle of the inkjet printer is liquid dyes, which are printed on the paper with dots. Therefore, the inkjet printer can easily print photos of excellent quality, very small in size, and in addition is easy to handle and maintain. Cartridges are easily filled with dye by hand, which saves a lot of money compared to the constant purchase of a new dot matrix printer.

Unfortunately, the main drawback of an inkjet printer is the rapid drying out of ink, and the printing speed is somewhat lower compared to laser models.

The laser printer is the latest modelan improved device for today. That is why laser printing technology is used in xerography, photo studios and other industries where accurate and high-quality printing is often the key to success. A laser printer works by scanning an imaginary image with a laser beam. Thanks to this technique, all printouts are very accurate, the photos are of high quality, and the printing process takes seconds.

Nevertheless, here you can not do without a fly in the ointment, because a laser printer is very expensive, takes up a lot of space, and does not influence human health in the best way.

In principle, an inkjet or laser printer is verypractical and good, but each in its own way. As they say, everything depends entirely on your needs and means. Although many printers of various models and manufacturers are on sale in the market, HP and Canon printers are in great demand in our market of computer equipment. This choice of consumers is due to the high quality of printed products and relatively low prices for printing equipment, in comparison price-quality.

Clearly answering the question for what you needprinter, you immediately understand which model you buy, namely, an inkjet or laser printer of a brand. If you can not choose, do not fool yourself, take the model 3 in 1, that is, a printer-copier-scanner in one device, this option is perfect for the whole family.

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