How to change the language in Skyrim. Try to use the console!

So, today we will talk with you about how to"Skyrim" change the language. The thing is that there are several options for the development of events. It's about what specifically you are thinking of this shift. Today we will discuss all possible and affordable layouts. Let's begin.

how to change the language in skyrim

Game process

So, the first reason why players startTo reflect on how to change the language in "Skyrim" is the tuning of the game and its interface "for oneself." After all, this game - this is an incredible world, and the passage and his research mostly require us to listen and understand the dialogues. If you do not know the language, then there can be big problems. Let's try to solve the task.

The language of Skyrim is English by default. Yes, and versions, both official and "pirate", mostly go on it. Not the best option for those who do not understand the "foreign". So many players have to rack their brains over changing settings. Surprisingly, Skyrim has no Russian interface by default. So you need to look for a way out.

 change the language in the console skyrim

How to change the language to Russian in Skyrim? It's enough to download the patch-Russifier or the Russian version of the toy. Set it and enjoy the goals. Now that you can safely play, there is a possibility of another question. Namely: "How to change the language in the console" Skyrim "?" Let's try to figure out what's what!

When and why

Well, the first thing is to understand what we havea business. The console in the game serves to use different cheats and "secrets". More precisely, for a little dishonest game. True, it often enough can save the player from buggy assignments, which have not been "fixed" yet.

So, for example, you called the console, found the right oneyou are a combination, start to type it, and instead you have Russian letters. Then the question arises: "How in" Skyrim "change the language?", Which torments many players. Why? The problem is that by clicking on the hotkeys for changing the language on the computer, you do not change the setting in the game. So you have to think and guess how you can use the console. In fact, there are two ways out. About them now and will be discussed.


So, the first option, perhaps, is the most obvious andplain. You need to change the language of the system, more precisely, the layout of your keyboard by default. Since it is impossible to do this during the game, it is necessary to "turn" all the manipulations before starting. With all this, the interface can be left alone.

 Skyrim language

How to change the language in Skyrim? Go to the control panel, and from there click on "regional standards and language". Are you ready? Great, we move on. Now you should look into the "Languages ​​and Keyboards" section. The case remains for small - choose English and confirm the actions. However, for this you need to click on "change the keyboard" and pay special attention to the "default" item. Now you can safely save and run the game. Call the console and check if our method worked. Happened? Then you can always use it. But sometimes this can cause some inconvenience. So let's try to study one more method.

Long searches

It's time to shake your brains to answer, as in"Skyrim" change the language to English without a constant "game" with keyboard layout settings. After all, over time, especially if you often repeat these actions, our first method can start very annoying. But there is a wonderful way out! It's enough just to find the file with the game settings and change it a little.

The first step is to go wherestored system game files. They are usually installed on the C drive in the Users section. From there you need to go to "my documents" and in my games. Do you see the folder "Skyrim"? Come there. Now look for Skyrim.ini. Open it with a notepad. Look at what is written there. Find the string sLanguage. Under it, write sConsole = ENGLISH and save the changes. That's all. Now you know how to change the language of the console to English in Skyrim!

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