How to perform the Windows XP boot loader process

Reinstalling the operating system oftenmeans that you need to format the hard drive of your computer. But nevertheless, due to viruses and hardware failures, the process of rebuilding the Windows XP boot loader may be required at any time. You can reinstall the system loader without formatting the disk or losing files. Some of the main reasons for its failure are viruses, hardware failure, or errors during the installation of Windows XP. A defective bootloader is your only problem? Below is an instruction how to restore the bootloader of Windows XP without reinstalling the entire operating system.

recovery bootloader windows xp

This loader is called the master bootrecord, as well as MBR. It controls the start of the hard drive and allows the computer to perform the inclusion of its OS. The loader offers many useful features and improvements. It also has a powerful system for controlling the device. Unfortunately, some changes in your computer or virus can damage, modify or delete it. This can affect the functioning of the PC. As a result, it either fails to load at all, or it starts up with problems loading some parts of the OS. The process of restoring the Windows XP boot loader can be performed using the operating system installation CD or restoring the disk.

You can restore the Windows XP boot loader by running the following items:

  1. Turn on the computer and install the startup from the installation disc.

  2. Start the Recovery Console.

Boot the computer from the installation disk to restore the boot loader Windows XP

First of all, you need to insert the installation diskWindows XP or a drive to restore the system to an optical drive and restart the computer. Now to download the installed version of Windows, the PC will be launched from the CD. You should press the required key when prompted, and then you need to wait for the program settings to be loaded.

how to repair a Windows XP boot loader

Starting the Recovery Console

The screen should show that the programinstallation welcomes you. Press the "R" key. This will cause the Recovery Console to start, in order to try to reinstall Windows XP on the computer. If you need an administrator password in the Windows XP settings, you must enter it. Then select the installation of Windows XP. Then wait for the command line to appear and enter the Fixmbr command. Press the "Y" key when it is suggested that the "FixMbr" utility intends to overwrite the damaged bootloader with a new copy. After that, the procedure for restoring the Windows XP boot loader will be completed.

recover boot loader windows xp

Tips for completing the process

Remove the startup disk from the drive and select"Exit" on the command line. This command may result in a restart of the PC. This will allow the computer to load a new bootloader file, and then you can continue to start Windows XP in normal mode. It is also recommended that you install antivirus software to remove viruses and protect the bootloader files so that you do not need to restart the Windows XP boot loader in the near future.

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