What's new for KB3035583? How to delete the message "Get Windows 10"?

Now we have to find out what kind of updateKB3035583. Users very often encounter this "surprise" in their operating systems. And then you have to think about removing it. Only to make it it is possible only under the certain algorithm. Let's try to figure out what we have to deal with.

that for the update kb3035583

What is it

Upgrading to Windows 10 (KB3035583) is likeit is not difficult to guess, a special file that prompts the user to upgrade to "Windows 10". It's not a secret for anyone that this operating system is not yet fully developed. And so we often have to give up the proposed opportunity.

In principle, you can not do this. Then one day the computer will update the system. And you will have to get used to it. But if you do not want to use Windows 10, you'll have to get rid of the ill-fated file.


Well, remove the update KB3035583 - and you will getits operating system without persistent proposals to upgrade to the 10 version of "Windows". To do this, just go to the "Control Panel", there visit the "Programs and Features" service. Now you need to click on "Installed Updates" ("View Installed Updates"). Then find there KB3035583, select the inscription and click on "Delete". A few seconds of waiting - and it's done.

update to windows 10 kb3035583

To hide the message "Get Windows 10?"you need to click on the" Configure ... "in the system tray, then set the GWX parameter to" Hide. "Save the changes and reboot the computer.This is all, now you do not have to worry about KB3035583.

However, it is also better to disable in the "CenterUpdating Windows "is automatically checked and installed, it is done in the settings.You select and save the changes with the parameter" Never check and install updates. "After that, you can be sure - KB3035583 will not bother you anymore.If you do not decide to install it yourself "Winds 10." There is nothing difficult in this.

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