How to join partitions of a hard disk without losing data

It happens when your computer is fulldata is extremely inconvenient. For example, drive C is filled to the critical level, while disk D is practically empty. In this case, you should think about how to merge partitions of the hard disk in order to exclude the incorrect operation of the computer.

In addition, there may be another reason for this. If you previously partitioned a disk and classified all the data to save it in each separate section, one day you will find that two partitions contain the same data types and it is more appropriate to merge them.

how to partition hard disk partitions

Useful program

Many people are interested in how to merge sectionshard drive, so as not to lose all the saved files. To ensure this, it is advisable to use a program called EASEUS Partition Master, which can be installed for free.

It is advisable, in any case, to back up the contents of the hard drive before the merge operation. How to merge partitions of a hard disk that are contiguous?


Start EASEUS Partition Master, go tomain screen. Select the sections that you want to merge, then select "Merge" in the main application menu. In this window, select the parts of the hard disk you need on the displayed diagram. Select the merge destination by selecting the partition label in the drop-down menu list. Click "OK", and the program will check the file system of the selected parts. Click Apply.

consolidate hard disk partitions

How to join hard disk partitions that are not contiguous?

EASEUS can not merge two non-contiguous components directly. Follow these steps to complete this task.

Case 1. There is a free space between the two sections.

If the selected fragments are separated by freespace, you can still follow a method that combines the neighboring sections. Unallocated space will be added to the created disk space.

Case 2. There is a section created between them.

Method 1. You can copy the fragment located between the interested ones to the unallocated part of the disk, then delete it and merge the partitions of the hard disk in the same way as the adjacent ones.

how to restore hard disk partitions

Run the EASEUS program and clickmouse (right button) on the section you want to copy. Select "Copy section" and specify the destination. Click "Next" to finish. Click Apply.

Go to the main screen, click the mouse(right-click) to the area that you copied to another location. Select "Delete Partition" and "Apply". Then follow the instructions for merging the adjacent parts.

Method 2: You can merge three partitions by double merging

If you want to combine disk fragmentsspace with different file system, then in the end, the more perfect of them will automatically be installed. You do not need to format the disk in this case, it is possible to perform this operation without losing data. Otherwise, you will also have to follow the instructions "How to restore hard disk partitions", spend extra time. However, there is no guarantee that all the lost information will be preserved.

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