How to become immortal in GTA 4 - an effective way

The article will help GTA fans 4 understand howto become immortal. A series of games GTA is famous for its freedom of action, whether it is to fly a helicopter or to steal a car of cops. And the fourth part in this series was not an exception, but also provided even more opportunities. And, of course, this is all unsafe for the life of the hero you control. In the game, hundreds of ways to say goodbye to life: to be killed, to fall from the height or, one of the most "fun" ways, to fly through the windshield of the car. And all this is not entirely suitable for those who want to just lay all and all. Or maybe you are very interested in the plot of the game and you have no time to shoot back and hide from enemies, when it is important for you to read every replica of the hero. To save you from these troubles will only endless lives, but how to become immortal in GTA 4?

How to become immortal
On this question on the Internet there is a hugethe number of answers, but not all of them are true, and in some you can still throw on money. For example: before downloading the file will be asked to send SMS allegedly for registration. So, so you do not get caught, I'll tell you one of the good, proven ways. But first I will tell you that immortality can not be obtained in the game without downloading any files. There are, of course, codes for the immortality of GTA 4, but it is highly discouraged to use them, since it blocks some features in the game, and the saved game with the entered cheat code can "bug".

immortality gta 4
The fourth GTA has gone far from its predecessorsin terms of physics, graphics and capabilities. So, when our hero falls from a height, or he is hit by a car, he very effectively flies. All this is provided by the game engine, but here's the ill luck: for a long time our hero will not be enough, a maximum of one jump from the skyscraper, and then again go from hospital to skyscraper, and then again only for one jump. We do not like it.

And now, in fact, we turn to the answer to the questionabout how to become immortal in GTA 4. As already mentioned above, you can not get infinite life with codes or other refinements in the game. To do this you will need to download the trainer. But then there is another question about which of the presented trainers to download, because they are many, and not all of them work, but in addition, some of them can also play the game "cover". One of the precisely working trainers is Alice, which allows you to create lua scripts for GTA. It includes three functions, namely: the ability to save the game at any time, by pressing the "TAB" button, the second possibility is that Nico can now carry an unlimited number of weapons and the cartridges do not end there, well, the third and the very important for us is the opportunity to become immortal. Now, and jump from skyscrapers, helicopters, fight against a crowd of special forces, even in hand-to-hand combat, and even explode in the car - not scary, but thanks to the trainer Alice.

Become immortal
The installation method is simple:

  1. Download the version of the trainer that will be suitable for your version of the game, if not, then download the patch and put it.
  2. Unpack the contents of the archive in the folder with the game (so that the root of the exe-files was a pair of dll-files and the folder Alice).
  3. In the archive in the Examples folder are scripts, all lua-scripts you have to move to the folder Alice.
  4. The functions used in scripts are in the additional_files folder.

Here, perhaps, and the answer to the question of how to become immortal in GTA 4, I hope that all this will be useful to somebody, and everyone will enjoy the game.

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