Let's try to figure out which antiviruses are good

what antiviruses are good

There are many different antivirusprograms designed to prevent malicious programs from entering our and your computers. They are free and paid, and developers provide full-fledged trial versions of their security software for preliminary familiarization with it. Let's try to figure out which antiviruses are good, but what you can focus on and do not waste time. In this article we will consider free programs.

Many users to protect their personalequipment prefer to use free options and do not want to pay money for it. And if you have a question about what is the best antivirus for the computer, we advise you to pay attention to the following, which, despite their free-of-charge, represent a reliable barrier to malicious programs.

what is the best antivirus 2013

Many are interested in the question of which onegood antivirus. 2013 was the year of Avast Free Antivirus 8, which was the first in the rating of free antivirus programs. Avast is very reliable, has all the necessary features, such as protection from Trojans and viruses, as well as other malicious software, it can safely work on the Internet and with removable media. An important advantage is the high speed of work with low requirements to the operating system and very good performance in the performance of its main task - the detection of malicious programs. In addition, Avast is understandable and convenient for ordinary users.

Answering the question about which antivirusesgood, you need to specify and AVG AntiVirus Free, which took the second honorary line in the ranking. It has many useful and necessary functions, protecting your computer from a variety of viruses, spyware, Trojans and worms. AVG will save your device from Internet attacks, check traffic for various threats, scan all incoming and outgoing mail, including the presence of spam. Updates are released around the clock, which contributes to better security.

The three leaders are closed by a free antivirus fromMicrosoft - Microsoft Security Essentials. It still remains one of the leaders in this industry: it protects the PC from all types of threats, is easy to use and is regularly updated. In Windows 8 it was originally built and given the name Windows Defender.

what is the best antivirus for a computer
The above programs are far from being all thatYou can use it to prevent infection of your devices. What other antiviruses are good? A completely high-quality product is Panda Cloud Antivirus Free. It takes up little space on the hard drive, does not load the system at all, has a very simple interface and detects viruses and other similar software. Disadvantages: slow scanning, imbalance in the detection of new and old viruses, as well as a large percentage of false positives.

We will conclude a short review of which antivirusesgood, program Avira Antivirus Free. This antivirus will work well with Trojans, viruses, spyware, worms, rootkits, banners and not only. Work with Windows XP and Windows 7 is supported.

In conclusion, a couple of comments. First, all antiviruses are recommended to be downloaded from official sites and updated regularly. And, secondly, this rating is one of many, in others the alignment of forces can be quite different, and new participants may appear.

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