AMD Phenom II X3 720 Black Edition processor: an overview, features, reviews

The processor is the heart of the computer. He may be beyond powerful or frankly feeble. But it is he who decides how quickly the PC will work. The amount of supported RAM is also entirely dependent on the processor. Now the market has a lot of models with different characteristics: from cheap and low-power "stones" for office PCs to super-productive "monsters", designed for heavy tasks. Whatever it was, the choice of the processor must be carried out, previously weighed all the pros and cons. But there is a model on the market that will suit almost everyone: both gamers and ordinary users. This is AMD Phenom II X3 720 Black Edition. Let's analyze this processor in more detail.

A little about the company

AMD started its work in the1969 year. For a long time the manufacturer was a monopolist in the field of production of electronic computers. But soon there was Intel, and our heroes have been fighting this company for a year already for their leadership in the field of computer chips and components. For a long time, AMD was forced to surrender. Their chips did not go to any comparison with the products of "Intel". And only in recent years the company began to regain its former greatness. One of the milestones was the release of AMD Phenom II X3 720.

amd phenom ii x3 720

This is the first processor from AMD that couldcompete with Intel's crafts in terms of performance and power consumption. It is not surprising that the company began to further develop this line. "Phenomena" won the love of users around the world. This processor for PCs has become the most sold in Russia and CIS countries. And all thanks to a successful design, competent marketing and optimization. The release of this processor became the starry hour of AMD. From now on they are about one step from the "Intel".

Positioning the processor

It belongs to the low-end category. This means that the device from the budget price category, intended for mass sale. However, there are some differences with outspoken "state employees". It consists in the technical characteristics of the chip. Never before have such powerful processors been so accessible. Only one cache of the third level of 6 megabytes in size says a lot. Other characteristics also do not lag behind. And all this for frankly ridiculous money. It's no wonder that the lasting position of Intel is noticeably shaky.

black edition

AMD Phenom II X3 processor is reallya national product. According to retailers, it is installed in every third personal computer. Despite the fact that now the processor looks somewhat archaic with its three cores, it has rich overclocking capabilities. And it says a lot. In particular, the fact that it stands out clearly even against the background of low-end gadgets.

Contents of delivery

The chip is packed in a box of black cardboard withgraphic image and AMD logo. It is written in large letters in the Black Edition, which seems a bit superfluous. The box is already black. At the end there is a window through which you can look at the processor itself. But you will not see anything interesting there. In addition to marking the model. The box contains the main technical characteristics of the processor and its clock frequency (most importantly).

processor for pc

Inside there is a cooler with a radiator, instructionthe operation in different languages ​​and the processor itself. Put anything else here could be. But the question is what? What else is needed with the processor? AMD Phenom II X3 720 is well-packed in bubble cellophane. This completely eliminates the possibility of damage during transportation. Here is a spartan and simple delivery kit.


AMD Phenom II X3 720 is designed for the AM3 socket. But it can perfectly become on the AM2 and AM2 + sockets. Installation is simple. It will not cause problems to anyone. The main thing - do not forget to spread the thermal paste before installing the cooler that comes in the kit. The nominal clock frequency is 2,800 MHz, and the multiplier is 14. But this is far from the limit, since this processor is simply designed for overclocking. The processor has a tri-core design and 6 megabytes of cache in the third level. This is a very decent result.

processor temperature program

This processor for the PC works with a full setinstructions and has at its disposal a variety of technologies, which now do not have any sense to list, because they do not influence the overall performance of this "stone". It should be noted that although this processor is considered obsolete, it supports almost all modern motherboards and video cards.

Overclocking Features

AMD Phenom II X3 720 has the greatest capabilitiesoverclocking thanks to the unlocked multiplier. After overclocking, this processor for PC demonstrates exactly the same performance as many modern quad-core processors. So, for example, it managed to overclock to clock speed of 3 600 megahertz. And now compare with the "stock" 2 800, and you will all become clear. Now these processors are not made. So, it's too early to write off.

processor amd phenom ii x3

In synthetic performance testsThe processor demonstrates the wonders of endurance. Do not just forget that before the overclocking you need to replace the cooling system, because the standard fan is not designed for such capacities. And it would be nice to download from AMD's official site such a thing as a program for CPU temperature. It can control the heating of the "stone" in real time. If the temperature reaches a critical maximum, the overclocking should be stopped and the standard settings returned. At least for a while.

The hidden core

Officially, the "Black" Black Edition is considereda tri-core processor. But few people know that he has a hidden locked core. Physically, there are 4 cores in it! And there is a way to unblock the kernel itself, which will give some performance gains. However, this requires a suitable motherboard. Ideal for GIGABYTE GA-MA790XT-UD4P. It allows you to activate the Advanced Clock Calibration option. After the corresponding item is enabled, the fourth core is connected to the BIOS. And the processor goes to a completely different level. And now imagine the possibility of overclocking the quad-core processor.

low end

This practice is quite in the spirit of AMD. The company specifically placed the hidden core in the processor architecture in order to sell it as a tri-core, and exactly the same, but with all four cores they sold an order of magnitude more expensive. This is a brilliant marketing move. Only "folk craftsmen" quickly found the hidden core and learned how to turn "budget" processors into premium ones. Only after all, you need a program for the temperature of the processor (its tracking) to avoid trouble.

Positive reviews

Reviews are always useful information from those,who has already acquired this or that product and is eager to share with others their experience of using it. Read reviews of processors is absolutely necessary, for only in this way can you understand how real its technical characteristics differ from the ones claimed. In the case of the AMD Phenom II X3 720, the situation is as follows. Most of the owners of this processor are completely delighted with its rich overclocking capabilities. There were no such "flexible" processors. The main thing, users note, is the availability of an adequate cooling system. Otherwise, you are waiting for a "dead stone".

phenom ii socket am3

Also, many note the high stabilityoverclocked Phenom II Socket AM3. Such was not yet in any product of such a plan. However, the most important thing for many is a low price. And she does not disappoint. Now you can buy such a processor for almost nothing. This is liked most of all by users.

Negative feedback

There are a couple of owners who hitfor marriage or did not comply with the rules of dispersal. Among these are the testimonials that the "stone" is heated like a stove. But if you install an advanced cooling system, then nothing will be in sight. A standard cooler is not always able to cope with the load. Also, many complained that the processor burned out after overclocking. Here it is important to understand that it is necessary to disperse in reasonable limits. And necessarily with good coolers. And even better - with liquid cooling. Then there will be no problems.

Most negative reviews of this plan are notare quite fair, since users, due to ignorance and non-observance of elementary security rules, completely disable the good processor. Therefore, experts advise to follow the instructions for use.


So, we reviewed the AMD Phenom II X3 processor720 Black Edition. This is an excellent budget product that can easily turn into a top quad-core chip (with the appropriate motherboard). You can add here a lot of overclocking possibilities, low cost and high quality. And it turns out that this model is quite relevant in our time.

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